Vegetable oil: what are the virtues of nigella oil?

Vegetable oil: what are the virtues of nigella oil?

For the body, for the hair and for the skin, black cumin oil has many beauty benefits. It integrates and mixes with other products to take care of you on a daily basis.

The nigella is a herbaceous plant that is easily recognized thanks to its blue or white flowers. It is cultivated mainly in the countries of the Middle East. Then, it is very often used in seeds to decorate certain dishes. In addition to providing a pleasant spicy taste, it is renowned for being rich in fiber, minerals, trace elements and even fiber. It is also very popular as a decoration in interiors.

In powder or oil, the nigella flower has also proven its many virtues in the world of beauty. It is adopted by a large number of naturopaths convinced by all its benefits. For skin, for face, for hairblack cumin oil quickly finds an indispensable place in bathroom cupboards.

What are the benefits of nigella oil for the skin?

Whether you have oily, dry, sensitive, reactive or atopic skin, it requires special care with suitable products so as not to attack it further. Black cumin oil has the gift of providing benefits all skin types, gently. It has purifying properties for problem skin and thus prevents the formation and appearance of pimples. Dry skin appreciates this oil thanks to its nourishing and regenerating effects. Finally, the nigella flower in oil fights against skin aging thanks to its anti-wrinkle properties. Mature skin can therefore use it daily.

What are the virtues of nigella oil on the hair?

If you wonder how Elodie Gossuinformer Miss France, made to take care of her hair, oils are undoubtedly part of her hair ritual. Among them, black cumin oil is an essential to have in your bathroom. It is renowned for its full potential and has many properties. If you have dull or dry hair, nigella oil is perfect for protecting it from external aggressions, but also for deeply nourish. Tired hair also appreciates it for its anti-hair loss properties. It stimulates their growth and is often recommended to fight against baldness. On the other hand, it slows down the appearance of white and gray hair. It is therefore a daily anti-aging ally.

What are the effects of black seed oil on health?

You now know that you can use black cumin oil in cooking. It has properties anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic. Its fibers allow fight against snacking and his anti-microbial virtues stimulate the immune system and serve as a barrier to germs. Be careful, nigella oil is very strong. A small amount is enough to prepare your dishes and benefit from its benefits. You can also add it to your summer salads. It is also very greedy to incorporate it into your vinaigrette recipes.

How to use black cumin oil?

To prepare a black cumin oil treatment for problem skinit is advisable to mix it with another vegetable oil. Sweet almond, shea, jojoba or avocado oils are excellent everyday allies. You can add a few drops of essential oil for a good smell, but also to bring other virtues. Lavender and tea tree oils, for example, are very effective against acne. Then spread your mixture on the skin and rinse.

For dull hair lacking vitality, black cumin oil blends perfectly with castor oil. Together, they will stimulate growth and restore shine to your hair. All you have to do is mix the two oils and then apply from scalp to ends. Leave on for 30 minutes to 2 hours. You can also put a few drops of black cumin oil in your shampoo.

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