Waam rocket oil hair growth

Waam rocket oil hair growth

What if one of the Indian women’s best-kept secrets for obtaining incredibly long, silky and resistant hair was a vegetable oil? Native to India, arugula oil is packed with benefits for hair (and skin). A real hair elixir, the famous natural care brand Waam Cosmetics has just created its own, we tell you more about the secrets ofarugula carrier oil Waam Cosmetics.

Why do we like Waam arugula vegetable oil?

Organic, made in France and vegan, Waam arugula vegetable oil is made from 100% ingredients of natural origin and is extracted by first cold pressing. This pure oil is a real concentrate of benefits for the hair thanks to its composition rich in fatty acids. Among them, theerudite acid. The latter is the most interesting fatty acid for the beauty of the hair, it is thanks to him that Waam rocket oil penetrates the hair fiber. The result ? A hair protected, sheathed, stronger and shinier and an oil that acts in depth, from scalp to ends.

Side growth, we know: a hair that grows quickly and well is a healthy hair. By penetrating the cuticles, Waam arugula oil makes the hair less brittle and therefore more resistant, but the vitamins and antioxidants that make up this oil will also be valuable allies to boost the growth of your hair.

Essential vegetable oil in the composition of the cult snake oil, Waam arugula vegetable oil can also be applied to the body and face. It will nourish, soften and soften the skin.

Arugula oil can be applied in different ways: in an oil bath, in a DIY treatment, in friction or as a daily serum.

In an oil bath: arugula oil is self-sufficient and can be used alone. Apply arugula oil to dry hair before your shampoo, from roots to ends. Leave on for at least 20 minutes. This method of application is ideal for dry, brittle and dull hair that wants to provide deep care for their hair.

You can also make an oil bath by making your own snake oil. To do this, you just need to mix the arugula oil with other vegetable oils (castor, argan, sweet almond, coconut, sesame, avocado, and sunflower).

In friction, apply Waam arugula oil on dry hair (and before your shampoo) directly on your scalp. Massage for several minutes. Then spread the oil over the lengths and ends. Leave on for at least an hour. This method of application will be suitable for people with hair loss problems or for those wishing to boost the growth of their hair.


Formulated with ingredients from Organic Farming. 100% of the total is of natural origin. 100% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming. COSMOS Organic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard.

100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic bottle.

Waam arugula vegetable oil can be stored away from light and heat in a cool, dry place.

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