what are the benefits for the skin?

what are the benefits for the skin?

An ancestral beauty ritual widely used in Asia, dry brushing could well revolutionize your body care routine! To be practiced daily before the shower, it is the natural solution with multiple benefits. At the key: luminous skin. Explanations.

Dry brushing, deep skin care

The skin is thebody’s largest toxin elimination organ. She is in charge of reject more than a quarter of accumulated toxins and waste in our body. The rest is handled by the lungs, kidneys and liver. If dry brushing helpsremove dead skin present on the surface of our skin, on the dermis, this one will also stimulate the blood and lymphatic networks of our body.

The lymphatic system is the key to inner and outer beauty of our body. Unlike the blood network which is activated by the heart, the lymphatic network is only stimulated by movement and breathing. You may have heard of the lymphatic drainage. Dry brushing is similar to one of these massages. It has a surface action and also acts in depth on the elements responsible for the quality of our skin.

What are the benefits of dry brushing on the skin?

1 – Soft skin

The skin cells are renewed every day, at night, while you sleep. Healthy skin helps protect our body from external aggressions, viruses, UV, cold and heat and absorbs shocks. Take care of your skinit’s an all-in-one solution.

Dry brushing will helpeliminate dead skin present on the surface of the skin. It will thus promote and improve cell renewal. The action of dry brushing will unclog pores and your skin will breathe. Workaroundgentle exfoliationyou can practice dry brushing every dayPeach skin guaranteed!

2 – Smooth and toned skin

By its mechanical stimulating action of the lymphatic network, dry brushing will participate in the skin firmness. At the same time, also plump up wrinkles and smooth cellulite. Over the course of the brushings, the skin becomes firmer. Skin tone is better. The cellulite dimples surface are attenuated.

If dry brushing is for everyone, it is however forbidden to practice it if our skin has skin lesionssuch aseczemaacne or psoriasisas well as on the stomach for pregnant women.

3 – Healthy and luminous skin

Real detoxifier, dry brushing acts on the visible quality of our skin. Freed of their toxins and dead skin, the pores no longer become infected, goodbye pimples unsightly and painful. A Dull complexion is the result of the accumulation of residues throughout the day at the level of the pores.

The micro stimulation of dry brushing will gently free the pores of these impurities and allow let the skin breathe to sober up the complexion. If the skin is tired and laden with toxins, it will look dull. Dry brushing, by ridding the body of external residues and internal toxins, allows the skin to return to its natural state and be bright.

Quite simply using a natural fiber brush, long-handled ideal for reaching hard-to-reach areas such as the back. The gesture is simple, it is necessary to brush in small circlesfrom the extremities towards the heart.

We start with the feet, below, above, then the legs, the belly, the arms, and finally the back. Ideally, it is recommended to dry brush for 5 to 10 minutes, before the shower. We end with hydrate our body with a cream whose action and penetration will have been favored by brushing.

As after a manual massage, dry brushing will bring you a feeling of general well-being. It even seems that dry brushing can replace the shower by its effectiveness. So, ready to adopt it?

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