What are the best fluid foundations?

What are the best fluid foundations?

The foundation is the basis of successful makeup for a fresh, luminous and glowing complexion. But find the liquid foundation perfect can be a real headache. It has to be quite covering and meet the needs of our skin. Discover our top 15 of the best second skin effect foundations.

Why use a fluid foundation?

Their light texture acts like a tinted fluid on the skin, blending in an instant and unifying without leaving traces. The skin is clear, luminous and smooth with the impression of wearing nothing. Ideal for natural makeup, “no makeup” effect and without risking ending up with a plaster effect complexion. The fluid foundations will hide redness, imperfections, smooth fine lines and wrinkles without marking the folds, while bringing radiance and glow to the skin.

Most fluid foundations are now made primarily from ingredients of natural origin, and are formulated without silicones or chemical compounds. Brands are thus focusing on formulas to offer fluid and covering foundations, while responding to each person’s skin problems.

Above all, the most important thing is to choose your foundation shade. Too light, it’s a guaranteed dull and livid complexion, too dark, hello the orange effect and the demarcations at the level of the neck! You have to determine your shade (light, light, medium, matte, dark…) and the undertone (cold, warm, neutral) to find the winning combo. The safest thing is still to try the foundation in the store. To find out if the color is suitable, try it on the chin / jawline, to compare the shade with the color of the face and neck.

  • Dry or sensitive skin

The fluid foundation is the ideal choice for dry or sensitive skin, because it won’t dry out the skin, unlike some compact foundations. Choose a moisturizing foundation enriched with vegetable oils and plant extracts for hydrated skin all day long. We find them in particular in the brands Charlotte Tillbury, Rare Beauty or Fenty Beauty.

  • Acne or blemish-prone skin

No, foundation does not make acne worse! Just prepare well and clean your skin before and after application. Turn to non-comedogenic fluid foundations enriched with hyaluronic acid and vitamins, such as Healthy Mix from Bourjois, which improves the appearance of the skin over applications while hydrating the skin.

For mature skin, there is now a wide range of anti-aging fluid foundation as we have seen at L’Oréal with their Age Perfect range. Their shapeule helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lineswhile maintaining the hydration and elasticity of the skin.

For apply a fluid foundationyou have two options: the brush or the beauty blender. With the brush, we will spread the material with continuous movements to avoid traces. The finish will be natural and quite covering, with the advantage of being able to be more precise. For the beauty blender, it must be moistened before use. We will then take a little material that we just tap on the whole face, starting from the T zone and stretching outwards. The sponge gives a very natural and blurred look, and allows you to easily dose the coverage by adding material little by little if necessary.

The best second-skin effect fluid foundations


Fenty Beauty Blur Effect Fluid Foundation

Thanks to its smoothing and hydrating HydraBlend complex, this foundation is the best ally to have a perfect complexion without any effort.

  • Blur effect tinted fluid available in 25 shades suitable for all skin types
  • Light to medium buildable, long-wear coverage
  • Formula resistant to humidity, perspiration and any type of transfer

Price: 33 euro


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Say goodbye to blemishes with Healthy Mix from Bourjois, now available in clean and vegan formulas!

  • Medium to full coverage
  • A formula composed of 85% ingredients of natural origin, enriched with vitamins C, E and B5
  • A radiant complexion without imperfections and signs of fatigue

Price: 15.5 euro


Dior Backstage Second Skin Effect Foundation

The Dior Backstage foundation creates a flawless complexion with a professional result.

  • A formula enriched with beautifying and waterproof pigments
  • Fluid texture and second skin effect
  • Tailor-made coverage for a natural, buildable glow

Price: 43 euros


Best Skin Ever Foundation Sephora Collection

Show off a flawless complexion with Sephora Collection’s Best Skin Ever foundation, with a natural finish and buildable coverage.

  • It unifies the complexion, smoothes skin texture and conceals imperfections
  • A formula enriched with anti-pollution seaweed extracts and natural hyaluronic acid
  • Vegan and non-comedogenic, it is suitable for all skin types

Price: €17.99


Luminous Foundation Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation is a waterproof liquid foundation designed to create a luminous, natural finish.

  • A fresh and radiant complexion with an ultra-light second-skin feel
  • Conceals discoloration, unevenness, and blemishes for a natural, healthy-looking complexion
  • Available in 50 shades and 3 undertones

Price: 44 euro


Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Lightweight Foundation

This breathable and innovative foundation combines the lightness of a serum with buildable medium coverage.

  • A herbal blend formula that soothes and nourishes the skin
  • Ultra-fluid, serum-like texture that’s easy to blend and blend to the desired level of coverage
  • Evens skin tone and smoothes the appearance of pores

Price: 34 euro


Hello Happy Benefit Fluid Foundation

Benefit’s Hello Happy foundation envelops the skin in a veil with an unsuspected natural finish.

  • A luminous, hydrated and flawless complexion
  • Photochromic pigments that instantly adjust to light to illuminate skin
  • A formula enriched with flower acids that promote the radiance of the complexion

Price: 35 euro


Tarte Face Tape Long-Lasting Foundation

Tarte’s Face Tape foundation is inspired by the essential Shape Tape concealer.

  • Hypoallergenic, mattifies and hydrates the skin while illuminating the complexion
  • Long lasting and super covering
  • Comes in 19 shades and 5 different shades

Price: €39.90


Born This Way Too Faced Full Coverage Foundation

Born This Way Foundation is a non-greasy foundation that provides undetectable coverage while hiding imperfections

  • Medium to full coverage
  • A natural, satin finish
  • Infused with a blend of coconut water, alpine rose and hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin

Price: 44 euro


Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation is a moisturizing foundation suitable for all skin types.

  • Enriched with hydrating hyaluronic acid to improve skin’s appearance with every application
  • The skin is plumped, smoothed, hydrated
  • Available in 30 shades

Price: 43 euro


Ultra radiance phyto-tinted foundation Sisley

This oil-free foundation from Sisley reveals the natural radiance of the complexion day after day.

  • A reinforced blur effect: imperfections are blurred, skin texture blurred, skin matified
  • A long-lasting and light texture
  • Very natural velvety finish and buildable medium coverage

Price: €74.99


Nude foundation by Teint Yves Rocher

Le Nude de Teint is a skin beautifier with a light and easy-to-apply formula for an unified complexion in seconds.

  • Bare skin effect and natural healthy glow result
  • 92% ingredients of natural origin in a formula created to beautify and hydrate all skin types
  • A fluid and comfortable texture

Price: €9.90


Kiko Long-Lasting Fluid Foundation

Kiko’s long-lasting fluid foundation is perfect for achieving an even complexion with a smooth and radiant look, while concealing imperfections.

  • Innovative vegan formula, enriched with ginseng extract and apple water
  • Semi-matte finish and comfortable, lightweight texture
  • For smooth and sublimated skin

Price: €19.99


Florence By Mills Fluid Foundation

The Florence by Mills brand foundation brings a touch of radiance to our skin to bring out our natural beauty.

  • Made with botanical oils and nourishing moisturizing ingredients
  • Makes skin smooth and soft like a dewdrop
  • Hydrated skin all day and diminished imperfections

Price: €20.90


L’Oréal Paris Anti-Aging Foundation

This L’Oréal anti-aging foundation is ideal for mature skin. Its light texture camouflages fine lines while unifying the complexion.

  • A formula with vitamin C and antioxidants suitable for mature skin
  • Covers irregularities, redness and imperfections, for a perfect and natural complexion without mask effect
  • Protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays thanks to its protection factor 17

Price: €13.99

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