8 tips to fully assume without makeup

8 tips to fully assume without makeup

Whether it’s to camouflage your little complexes or for the simple love of makeup, putting on makeup is within everyone’s reach. There are as many reasons to wear makeup as there are people who wear makeup. Except that for some it takes on another dimension. Can’t get out without being made up, otherwise they find themselves “too ugly”. If you’re concerned, here are some tips for getting by without makeup.

1 – Understand why we wear makeup

There are many who do not want to show their buttonstheir oily skin, their dark circles, their big nose or even their wrinkles. It’s actually quite natural to have complexes in an ultra-regulated society like ours. We are indeed constantly advised to make these “defects” disappear; as if we couldn’t be beautiful and beautiful enough as we are…

Makeup can be a simple way to express yourself, to stand out, to show off. But when putting on makeup stops being a pleasure and becomes a necessity to get out, you have to ring the little alarm bell. In a systematic, even obsessive use, without which one does not move any more from home, hides probably a lack of self-confidence.

Makeup is just a symptom in this case. In general to completely accept and assume without make-up, quitting makeup isn’t the magic bullet. It is indeed a long journey. It is often necessary to be helped by loved ones and/or professionals, in order to regain confidence in oneself and in one’s appearance.

2 – Gradually assume without make-up

As briefly explained above, getting naked does not necessarily happen overnight. It is a process that requires a lot of willpower and a certain investment of time. One technique comes up a lot in the testimonies of people who have stopped using makeup.

It resembles that of people who want to quit smoking: it iseliminate trick by trick, little by little. In other words, we get rid of a new make-up element on our face, at the start of each week: first mascara, then lipstick, then foundation. Each step forward can represent a really satisfying little victory.

3 – To be in good health is to be beautiful

A healthy person is naturally beautiful. We feel it when we have had a good night, for example: we wake up with a fresher face. In order to take full responsibility without make-up, we can therefore capitalize on the benefits of sleepreplacing her morning makeup routine with… an extended night!

The skin also reflects the internal state of our body. Awakened skin is sign of a good digestive system and one sufficient hydration. If we learned more taking care of our body rather than hiding supposed “defects”we would surely feel less need to adopt makeup.

4 – Make your complex an exceptional quality

Assuming your complexes to make them a strength is easier said than done, we grant you that. But the effect is liberating! Moreover, there is no nothing more radiant than a person who lives well with his “flaws” (or at least what she takes for a “defect”).

Take a closer look at the faces of other people around you, you will see that you are not the only person having to deal with complexes. From the minute you realize that nobody is perfectpleasing everyone with flawless skin will suddenly feel less oppressive.

5 – Remember that… nobody cares

Finally, no one pays as much attention to our “flaws” as we do. People don’t notice it. In general, they have their minds elsewhere and have other things to do than to scrutinize you in the street, to judge you. Surely only you have noticed this acne pimple on your chin. Thus, at the first attempt to go natural, you realize quite quickly that the experience has no dramatic consequences.

Off the street, it can be more complex, it’s true. Especially for the youngest in school, where the risk of ridicule comrades are unfortunately not always only in their heads. In this case, take your time, don’t put pressure on yourself. If we are not ready to create and collect a general buzz, we can come back to point 2: gradually remove make-up elements. The comrades will see nothing but fire!

6 – Take care of your skin differently

Sometimes, in addition to your skincare routinedare to grant yourself care provided by a professional. Their advice can indeed be very valuable when deciding to switch to no make up.

Every skin is different. So you might find what creamwhat mask, or exfoliant would totally do your skin good? skin type. This is also an opportunity to give yourself a facial massage, to try things during the process of stripping. Not only you will come out with radiant skinbut you will expose yourself more to your natural beauty, isn’t it wonderful!

7 – Consume less, but better

Most cosmetics on the market contain hazardous perfluorinated chemicals for health. In order not to ruin your skin or your health (and that of the planet in passing), you can find out about more natural products ; even if it means doing them yourself, in Do-It-Yourself.

As a bonus, by investing in better products and wearing less makeup, you save a lot in the long runand we do less harm to our environment!

8 – Compliment yourself naked in front of the mirror

One last tip: make self-love a ritual. On a regular basis, we can look in the mirror, bare, and self-compliment. We look for what we like in ourselves, what makes us unique, and we boost our ego with “I have beautiful eyes, I know”.

It doesn’t have to be just about her looks. We can also love his courage, to be congratulated for the efforts made. It turns out to be very effective in appreciating yourself at your true value, getting to know yourself better and thus loving yourself as you are.

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