Beauty moment between girlfriends, outing in complete complicity!

published on October 31, 2022

A beautiful evening beauty between girlfriends! This Thursday, October 27, Nathalie Marquay-Pernaut and Véronika Loubry were invited to the launch of the “Crystal Bright” range, from the Rexaline brand. The two fifties, radiant, were able to try beauty products and have fun together, in front of many models.

They were totally inseparable! This Thursday, Veronika Loubry and Nathalie Marquay shared a real beauty moment with friends, on the occasion of an invitation from the Rexaline brand. Present to test all the new products in the “Crystal Bright” range, the two women were very complicit and took the opportunity to laugh and have fun together.

It must be said thatin terms of beauty, both know each other rather well ! Elected Miss France in 1987, Nathalie Marquay even placed sixth in the Miss World contest a few months later, before converting to an actress.

A job that does not prevent him from having always one foot in the world of beauty contests : she has notably been part of the Miss France jury five times and has even met the one who shared his life for twenty-five yearsJean-Pierre Pernaut, father of his two children, Lou (20) and Tom (19), now also quite famous on their social networks.

Veronika Loubry, for her part, did not go through the world of modeling… but after having been a television host – in 2000, she received the 7 d’Or for Best host of a channel in the cable and satellite for Hit MCM – then to have embarked on the field of creating clothes for pregnant women and children she has successfully converted into an influencer and is surrounded by her companion Gérard Kadoche and her two children, Ayrton (15) and Thylane (21 years old)international model.

The subject of famous girls, Veronika Loubry and Nathalie Marquay-Pernaut may have approached it elsewhere, they who seem to be real mother hens with their offspring. In any case, whether it was the first, dressed in beige pants and a matching sweater, or the second, in a khaki set, both were radiant.

They probably remembered their adventure in the Celebrities farm in 2005, in the company of Régine, Patrick Dupond… what memories!

Also present at the event,a young actress Ilona Bachelier with his mother, Helen. Arrival in children’s cinema, the one who is now 25 years old had notably shared the poster of Our happy days with Jean-Paul Rouve and Omar Sy. Coming soon to the TV movie The Annette Zelman Affair (with Julie Gayet, in particular) she seemed delighted to share this moment with her mother. Her little sister Louvia, also an actress, was absent on the other hand.

Finally, the two actresses Delphine Zentout and Laetitia Fourcadeoften appearing in series and TV movies of all kinds, had made the trip just like the models Sonia Gleis and Phany Briere Marret or the sublime Agathe de La Fontaineperfectly cast in a short purple dress.

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