Bewitching skincare products from Maison Delbôve

Bewitching skincare products from Maison Delbôve

For lovers of minimalism in cosmetics, but maximalism in beneficial effectiveness, the Magic Ritual of the Belgian house consisting of a treatment water and a cream rich in botanical extracts is a prodigy.

Why take an interest in this duo of products, Eau Sorcière and Crème Sorcière forming the Magic Ritual of Delbôve? First of all, because those who use it are fans of it and do not change their habits while the tempting proposals for new cosmetic treatments are multiplying on all sides!

Behind this craze, there is the simplicity of two products that together make up remover, make-up base, day cream and night care. This sobriety is important for those who travel (or sleep) or do not want to multiply the applications (or the expenses). The cream and care water combination is suitable for all skin types. On the benefits side, we have two incredibly active formulas, derived from medicinal plants, which deflate the features, cleanse, nourish, smooth and comfort the face, neck and décolleté.

The Eau Sorcière treatment water features 9 soothing, regenerating and softening medicinal plants (arnica, cornflower, chamomile, marshmallow, lavender, etc.). For its part, the Sorceress Cream combines chamomile, lavender, blueberry and lime blossom, vegetable oils (sweet almond and wheat germ) and vitamins (A, B6, E, P) etc, in a dense and soft ointment with a texture without the same.

Flashback. Founded in the 1950s, the Brussels house launched a line of cosmetic treatments in 1967 for the beauty of the skin of the face and body. Its credo, allow the skin to regain and maintain a perfect balance, thanks to super beneficial compositions rich in numerous and powerful botanical extracts prepared with a mixture of alcohol and water called mother tinctures. The Magic Ritual was then created, made up of Sorceress Cream and Sorceress Water, so named after a journalist raved about its effectiveness. And the foundations are laid for more than topical cosmetics in 2022 with powerful plant formulas, the quest to respect the skin barrier and restore the natural functions of the skin.

In 2011, Gina d’Ansembourg, a long-time client of the Delbôve house, took over the reins of the company and decided to give back letters of nobility and visibility to these formulas, true masterful preparations, so singular and so rich that almost no laboratory knows how to make them anymore. She cleans the compositions so that they are cleaner than originally and represents them in their brown pharmaceutical bottle decked out with an elegant label of obsolete inspiration.

The ritual, the good gesture. Joining the club of followers of the Sorcière duo requires understanding how to use it. Gina d’Ansembourg explains to Numéro: “The Magic Ritual requires a small 50 cl container, a sponge and the duo of products. In the bowl, start by spraying 2 sprays of Eau Sorcière (the first week of use, so that the skin gets used to it, then add 2 each new week until you get 10), then add 50 ml of tap water. With one hand, we take a small hazelnut of Crème Sorcière and, with the other, dip your fingertips in water and massage your entire face with both hands, including the eye area, neck and even décolleté. Then dip the sponge in the bowl, wring it out and wipe off the rest of the product, especially without rinsing. Then apply a dab of cream. Performed morning and evening, this gesture will restore the hydrolipidic film, purify and nourish the skin, smooth fine lines. ”

The duo, Crème Sorcière and Eau Sorcière, 97 euros for 50 ml.

Crème Sorcière, 55 euros for 50 ml and 79 euros for 100 ml.

Eau Sorcière, 42 euros for 50 ml and 55 euros for 100 ml.

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