Cosmetic products | Tested and approved

Cosmetic products |  Tested and approved

In the realm of cosmetics, it’s easy to get lost, with the dizzying number of new arrivals hitting shelves. Our team presents its discoveries and suggestions for products tested… and approved!

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Rather than cucumbers on the eyes…

We like eye patches because it’s a treatment that does a lot of good, without effort. It requires a little rest, because if you want to maximize the effect, we strongly advise against putting them on while vacuuming before the arrival of the visit on Saturday evening… As it is a single-use product, biodegradable materials will be favored. That’s the case with these little blue tea masks from Teaology made from plant tissue. They contain hyaluronic acid and niacinamide which research has shown are active ingredients for moisturizing the skin. Add to that the caffeine in the tea, whose stimulating effect gives your eyes a little wake-up call! The two little patches are as fresh as can be, the texture is rich and gelatinous and it feels great to stop for a few minutes for them to work their miracle. We recommend leaving them between 10 and 20 minutes, and we can make the break last a little longer, before getting ready for the visit!

Price: $5 for a small pouch of two mini-masks, available online, in pharmacies or at La Baie.

Stephanie Berube, The Press


For clean and fragrant hands

Pet owners may already be familiar with the Purodora Lab brand, a Quebec company renowned for its odor neutralizers and household cleaning products. It has just launched liquid hand soaps on the market which convinced us after frequent use in the kitchen, where we tested them. They effectively eliminate odors that usually permeate the hands (think eggs, onions), without drying out the skin. Enriched with calendula extract and composed of natural ingredients, they are also vegan and biodegradable. Of the three flavors offered (pear and juniper, grapefruit and orange, mint and lime), we preferred the first – although they were all pleasant – but we especially liked the fact that the fragrance stayed on the hands for a long time. after they have been washed.

Price: $8.99 for 500ml, available online and at select outlets

Laila Maalouf, The Press


Radiant halo liquid filter, from the elf brand

Glow up

Hybrid products that double as skincare and makeup are increasingly seen on shelves. So much the better, because we love when foundations, lipsticks or blushes give a little boost to the health of our skin at the same time. This is exactly what makes the charm of this new liquid illuminator from the elf brand. It can be used alone, under our usual foundation or mixed with it, or as a finishing touch to increase the skin’s radiance. Infused with squalane and hyaluronic acid – two ingredients that hydrate and nourish the skin – the product, with a pleasant and slightly liquid texture, glides on the skin, leaving it radiant and luminous. Coming in eight shades, the product is notably free of phthalates and parabens, vegan and certified “cruelty-free”.

Price: $18, available at Pharmaprix and online

Iris Gagnon-Paradise, The Press


The Oceanly range

Solid products for healthy skin

The Attitude brand is launching a line of face care products, all of which are solid bars offered in plastic-free packaging. Named Oceanly, the line comes in biodegradable cardboard push-on tubes and includes 19 skincare products – cleansers, oils, serums, creams, SPFs. These “100% healthy for the body and the planet” products meet the different needs of several skin types. Cleansers are easy to use: spread on dry hands or face, they foam or change from oil to milk on contact with water. The feeling of cleanliness and softness on the skin after use is most pleasant. Exfoliating, which provides gentle cleansing, is also a favorite. A daily routine, including oil, serum, cream and SPF, allows complete hydration and protection, thanks to ecological and practical products to use. The impossibility of using the products underwater, given the cardboard packaging, is a priori the only drawback of this Oceanly range.

Price: between $10 and $45

Marissa Groguhe, The Press

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