PHOTOS – Manicure: Brazilian or Japanese, how to choose?

PHOTOS – Manicure: Brazilian or Japanese, how to choose?

Subject to external aggressions, the hands also deserve special care for their well-being. Brazilian and Japanese manicures meet these needs to keep your hands hydrated and healthy.

Today, the manicure goes beyond simple nail care and polish. Traditions from all over the world tend to settle little by little in France, to the delight of our hands. Among them, Brazilian and Japanese manicures are beginning to prove themselves. They are practiced in an institute or at home and want to offer a complete hand treatmentto optimize their well-being and keep them soft.

Indeed, they too are subject to external aggressions such as cold or pollution. The application of varnish or fake nails increases care needs. It is therefore important to linger for a few moments on your nails and your hands and to choose the appropriate care for them. So, between Brazilian manicure and Japanese manicure, which one is made for you?

What is a Brazilian manicure?

As you now know, the Brazilian manicure does not only take care of your nails, but also your hands. It takes place in several stages, from nail care to nail polish, through the hydration of the skin. The Brazilian manicure is therefore intended complements and particularly highlights hygiene through the use of disinfected and sterilized tools.

At first, the Brazilian manicure begins with washing your nails to then better cut and file them in the shape of your choice. Your hands are then dressed in gloves in which lies a painstaking care prepared to hydrate your skin. It consists oftea tree essential oilcalcium, allantoin, keratin and witch hazel. If you choose to practice this treatment in an institute, you have the pleasure of benefiting from a hand massage to make the treatment penetrate.

Once the gloves are removed, your hands are soft and hydrated and your nails can afford a beautiful star fit manicure. You can opt for a colorful french manicure as Audrey Lamy or you try chrome nails like Zendaya. The Brazilian nail polish is surprising, because it consists of completely covering the nail and then removing the excess. This technique allows you to enjoy your polish for up to 2 weeks. The Brazilian manicure is therefore ideal if you want to treat yourself to a moment of well-being as well as complete care for your hands and nails.

What is a Japanese manicure?

Also called nail detox, the Japanese manicure is a complete nail treatment that consists of polishing them, cleaning them and nourishing them. Like the Brazilian manicure, it takes place in several stages and is recognized by the multiplication of layers of care. You can choose to practice this manicure in an institute or simply at home. Some accessories are needed like a 3-sided polisher.

The first side cleans the nail and removes dead skin. The second helps to smooth the nail and the last to close the scales. Between the use of each side, oil-based treatment is applied in massage. These 3 steps are essential for better blood circulation and to find beautiful pink nails. In winter, it is advisable to finish your care by applying a natural wax to finish moisturizing your nails. The latter thus regain their shine.

Japanese manicure

The Japanese manicure is especially recommended if you are a big fan of nail polish. Indeed, the latter are weakened and can showr brittle, damaged, yellowed or split. Special and regular care may therefore be necessary to take care of your nails. The Japanese manicure will strengthen them while providing hydration and shine. To take even better care of them, it is recommended to practice a Japanese manicure between two varnish applications and to leave your nails without varnish between 2 to 3 weeks after the manicure.

Photo credits: Dan Cristian Padure

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