She would have defrauded the beauty shops that employed her, in Orléans

Elle aurait escroqué les magasins de beauté qui l

She is suspected of having purported to register product returns from customers, and collected in cash, for itself, the refund money.

A young Ingréenne appeared, Thursday, November 3, for fraud, before the criminal court of Orleans. It is within one of the Orleans agencies of Yves Rocher, then of the company DTBO after its takeover, that she would have stolen the money, while she was deputy manager. Estimated damage: more than 10,000 euros.

The young woman firmly denies the facts of which she is accused.

A cross-check of schedules to identify it

“It was the cash sheet that alerted me. There were more returns than assetswhile the policy is to make credits or exchanges, but not returns, or in an exceptional way.

The manager of DTBO (empty)

It was the manager who reported the fraud to the police. She was also the one who pointed to her employee as a suspect to the authorities, after carrying out his investigation.

Because the vast majority of these returns were made with the defendant’s codes – she points out that everyone could use her codes, which were not secret. Because the young woman, from her position, knows the maneuver to follow. And above all, because, “by cross-checking schedules, I deduced that a single person could be at the origin of these facts”.

These incriminating elements, the prosecutor Laura Heurtebise repeats them in her indictment. Add the financial elements: over the period concerned (from July to the end of December 2020), the young woman reduced her banking transactions, and “carried out cash deposits, of similar amounts to refunds“.

She is asking for a suspended sentence of eight months and a fine of 10,000 euros.

She claims to be the victim of a colleague

The defendant believes that she was the victim of a colleague who allegedly used her codes: “I don’t know who, I can’t give a name”.

She explains one of the cash deposits by a gift from her brothers… where, in police custody, she had spoken of her companion. “I was completely stressed when I was heard, but afterwards I realized that I had confused”, she justifies. His lawyer denounces a file “based on deductions, even extrapolations”.

Judgment is reserved for January 5.

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