The natural shampoos of Secrets de Loly have found their audience

En octobre, l'entreprise Les Secrets de Loly avait investi le centre commercial Beaugrenelle.

Posted Nov 4, 2022, 11:00 AM

The Paris poster campaign is worthy of that of a large group. For the past few weeks, colorful advertisements for Secrets de Loly have been displayed on the Champs-Elysées, on the platforms of the Opéra metro station, or the Beaugrenelle shopping center. The company from Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (Val-de-Marne), specializing in care products for textured hair, that is to say curly, frizzy or curly, is determined to make an impact. Especially since it is already showing insolent growth: in three years, its turnover has grown by 500% and should reach 17 to 20 million euros in 2022.

Last spring, the company took a step forward by opening up its capital to Quilvest Capital Partners, after 13 years of self-financing. “This LBO marks an important turning point, it is an enhancement of what I have succeeded in creating”, underlines Kelly Massol, founder and CEO of the company.

Natural formulation

It was in 2009 that Kelly Massol decided to start creating products for textured hair. “I started from the observation that the products sold on the market were intended to transform or straighten the hair, explains the manager. Women were not offered the choice of wearing their hair in its natural textures. “However, she assures us, in France, 4 out of 10 people do not have straight hair: there was therefore” a mass audience, with a niche distribution “.

The leader began to develop natural formulations and manufacture products herself with natural active ingredients. In 2015, the process was industrialized and manufacturing was entrusted to a company located on the Franco-Belgian border. Today, Les Secrets de Loly offers a range with 17 references, ranging from shampoo to care and styling, including accessories.

210,000 followers on Instagram

The company has even managed the feat of becoming one of the leaders in this market, against competitors such as L’Oréal. For Kelly Massol, what makes the difference is the 98% natural origin composition of the products, which she always develops herself. The company has also been able to play the card of social networks and the community very quickly, and has 210,000 subscribers on Instagram.

Sold online on its site, its products are also distributed in France in 2,500 hairdresser outlets and via distributors such as Monoprix, Marionnaud and the Mademoiselle bio cosmetics site. The company is present in 12 European countries (Belgium, Italy, Spain, etc.) and plans to continue its development, particularly in Germany.

Within three years, Kelly Massol hopes to reach 96 million euros in turnover. To support its growth, it is strengthening its workforce. A dozen recruitments will be made by the end of the year, in the field of management, marketing and communication, increasing the workforce of Secrets de Loly from 25 to 37.

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