Cosmetic mixology: mixing your skincare products to maximize pleasure

Cosmetic mixology: mixing your skincare products to maximize pleasure

For this end of the year, Clarins Mixologie offers us the best excuse to cocoon in the bathroom by revealing twenty recipes of skincare and make-up products to mix for pleasure of application, sensoriality and maximized results. .

If the trend today is to mix products and personalize beauty routines, Clarins claims real expertise on the subject for nearly 70 years already. It all started in the mid-1950s, in the privacy of the brand’s spas. At that time, few products were developed, and very quickly came the need to adapt certain textures, to prolong their slipperiness, to allow the use of devices and the performance of face and body massages. Little by little, the beauty secrets of Clarins spas are being shared, first with salon customers, then with boutique customers and, finally, in 2022, with the general public wishing to enjoy new beauty experiences at home. This art of professional mixing of products makes it possible to discover new textures, new fragrances, new application rituals and finally to rediscover in a different way treatments that we already know well. For each recipe, many tests are carried out in the laboratory. Nothing is left to chance: safety remains the absolute priority, compatibility with the skin is guaranteed, the speed of absorption is measured, sensoriality must remain optimal, the fragrance pleasant, maximum efficiency, etc. Everything is verified, measured and validated. A new way to upgrade your beauty ritual thanks to the fun aspect of mixtures, the creation of new tailor-made products and the complementary benefits of treatments. A concept tested and adopted!

Our 5 favorite recipes

1) MAD MASK — The radiance booster
Mix a few drops of Blue Orchid Oil with the SOS Hydra Refreshing Mask.

2) DOSE OF YOUTH — The facial oval sculptor
Mix two hazelnuts of V Shopping Facial Lift with two pumps of Double Serum.

3) BEAUTY FLASH — Complexion smoother
Add a small amount of Beauty Flash Balm to Skin Illusion Foundation.

4) SOFT HANDS — The velvet glove effect
Add a few drops of Blue Orchid Oil to a dose of Youthful Hand Cream.

5) TONIC MINT — The anti heavy legs
Mix a small amount of Heavy Leg Milk and Body Fit. After application, the legs are raised for ten minutes to increase the feeling of lightness.

More information on the 22 recipes and places to discover Clarins Mixology on and in store.


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