Hollywood Peel Face Care – Marie Claire

Hollywood Peel Face Care - Marie Claire

Launched by the Korean laser manufacturer Lutronic, the Hollywood Peel is very popular in Asia and the United States for its formidable effectiveness when it comes to bringing a beautiful healthy-glow effect to the skin. It takes its name from the fact that many stars, such as Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian have adopted it.

Thanks to word of mouth extolling its merits, the treatment has landed in France. We tested it to find out what it was really worth.

What is the Hollywood Peel?

This is a gentle peeling, carried out using an activated carbon-based mask and a pigment laser (Q-Switched Hollywood Spectra).

During the first meeting, the doctor examines the appearance of the skin and can recommend a frequency of care to adopt: if he notices the significant presence of spots, fine lines, imperfections or Pores, a session every two months can be interesting. On healthier skin, you can space out every 3 or 4 months.

Once the skin is very clean and freed from all the impurities present on it, the doctor applies an oily carbon mask (activated carbon obtained from minerals and plant extracts) with a brush. The latter therefore has the particularity of being black, which, for a moment, gives you a rather unattractive look, it must be admitted… This is where the laser comes into play.

A first passage is intended to heat the dermis as well as to stimulate the fibroblasts to produce more collagen and obtain an immediate tightening effect. The temperature is around 45°C, which allows the pores to expand, letting the previously applied solution penetrate to be more effective.

The second passage of the laser causes the carbon molecules to explode on the skin: the light emitted by the laser is absorbed by the laser. Result, this provides a light peeling on the skin which eliminates in passing dead skin remaining on the surface, imperfections, clusters of melanin at the origin of dark spots… A very good skin Cleaning in short, which leaves the skin clean and luminous.

Last step, the doctor cleans the skin again to remove the last traces of carbon care, then applies a cream to the skin.rehydrating and healing cream with an SPF50.

Immediately after the treatment, it is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun. It is also possible to wear make-up. Moreover, no redness or swelling is to be expected, which does not imply social eviction.

Namely: when passing the laser, the skin will feel a slight heating, but nothing very painful or unpleasant. In addition, the treatment is very quick: allow about thirty minutes all inclusive, from reception, to make-up removal and cleansing of the skin, through the self itself when you notice the results and get dressed.

A peel for whom?

“It is addressed to all skin types, even sensitive”, assures Dr. Christina Shanouda, aesthetic doctor at Lazeo. Indeed, the peel being light and superficial, there is no risk that it will alter the epidermis prone to skin reactions or It will even have a good mattifying effect on oily or blemished skin.

All phototypes will also be able to access it without risking reacting badly with the laser. The only constraint will be not being able to access care in the event ofeczema or psoriasis on the area to be treated. As a precautionary measure, we avoid carrying out the treatment on pregnant and breastfeeding women or people with treatment with isotretinoin (acne treatment, editor’s note) in progress.

The Hollywood Peel is performed exclusively by doctors since it requires the intervention of a laser (class 4 medical equipment).

The results

We discover a nice improvement in the texture of the skin, the pores are tightened, the secretion of sebum regulated, especially if it is excessive and the imperfections are improved. Finally, the complexion is clearly illuminated and the collagen fibers having very slightly retracted under the effect of the laser, there is a small lifting effect.

Our verdict on the Hollywood Peel

The Hollywood Peel allows a very good cleansing of the skin which leaves it really luminous, soft, plumped and toned. Before an important event, it can be worth doing without hesitation, especially since it adapts to the busiest schedules and does not induce any eviction. The skin is so pretty that applying make-up right after a session does not seem necessary.

Bonus: this beautiful effect glowing lasts well over time, especially if you take care of your skin with enzymatic scrubs, special radiance masks, but also antioxidant-based treatments such as vitamin C.

The Hollywood Peel is perfect for skin that won’t tolerate glycolic acid peels. On the other hand, it must be kept in mind that it will remain less effective in the long term than the latter and that by choosing when possible, the financial investment may be more interesting for a chemical peel, with longer results, but more durable and impactful.

The price ?

Count around 170 € for the face, 140 € if you target the hands only. To carry out a complete treatment (face, neck and décolleté), count 270 €.

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