How to get started in beauty at home?

Reconversion beauté à domicile

Are you independent and passionate about home beauty jobs? A dynamic sector which for some time has been popular at home! Here are the steps towards your professional retraining.

Thanks to social networks and Youtube tutorials, interest in the beauty sector has intensified in recent years. The demand for home services has also exploded. Make-up, hairdressing, manicure, care and hair removal: 40% of women use the services of an independent professional at home or at their place of work. Especially since the pandemic period and successive confinements. The house also offers an aspect of comfort and intimacy that an institute cannot reproduce. In addition, the trend is also boosted by mobile applications such as Treatwell or PopMyDay, facilitating exchanges.

Before launching, it is a question of developing its offer of services. You can of course base yourself on your affinities but also on business opportunities. What are the trends in the sector? What is the client’s profile? What are consumer expectations? How does competition work? So many questions to ask yourself that will serve as milestones in your approach.

Find the right training for retraining in beauty at home

Professional retraining can seem intimidating, imagining going back to school. Because the profession is subject to an obligation of diploma or experience. Nevertheless, online training offers make it possible to quickly acquire solid skills. For example, a professional make-up training in 4 weeks with a mentor is quite possible. Others can also prepare you for the CAP Esthétique diploma over a period ranging from 3 to 12 months depending on the school.

These professions require a manual skill, a rigor in the gesture, which can raise questions about the effectiveness of online training. Accompanied by qualified professionals, the learner validates the skills by also going through practical exercises.

Another big advantage: distance learning courses can be taken at any time, which allows you to organize yourself according to your schedule and learn at your own pace. To facilitate your retraining, you can also benefit from the aid of the Personal Training Account. However, e-learning is not for everyone and requires self-discipline. It is a question of evaluating what suits you best according to your criteria.

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Build your business plan

The next step towards your reconversion, as a self-employed worker, is the creation of your company, having a self-entrepreneur status. After having studied the market according to the zone of implantation that you have chosen, you can consider building a business plan as well as a provisional budget.

Most of the time, the beautician exercises in a radius close to his place of life. But you also have the option of expanding your area of ​​intervention. Thus, you must obtain your itinerant craftsman’s card issued by the Chamber of Crafts Trades (CMA), with a validity of 4 years. In addition, the CMA allows you to acquire knowledge in legal, tax and accounting matters, by offering internships, the cost of which varies between €200 and €300.

In order to build up its clientele in the home beauty sector, several actions to be taken are to be considered. Website, communication on social networks, creation of flyers, partnerships: you can quantify their cost and evaluate what you can invest. As the clientele is mainly made up of individuals, word of mouth is very important here and contributes, at the same time, to developing your business. Organization and adaptability will be required! Hours may vary, sometimes being available on weekends. But the key to building loyalty is also to offer a range of varied services, adapting to the needs of its customers.

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