Mylène and Brigitte open their beauty salon

Mylène et Brigitte ouvrent leur institut de beauté

Mylène Simonin and Brigitte Petit, partner for “ladies’ happiness”. – © Etienne COLIN

Rue Gevrey, Mylène Simonin and Brigitte Petit, have created “Myli Beauty”, a cozy little nest dedicated to well-being and body care.

Everything separates them and brings them together at the same time. Mylène Simonin is 24 years old, “her second mother”, as she calls her, is a few years older. “I am 60 years old!” Brigitte Petit does not hide. The first held a beauty institute in Vesoul for five years. The second has just sold, after twenty-seven years devoted to newlyweds, its shop “In the kingdom of the bride”, rue Gevrey in Vesoul. A few years ago, the two women did not know each other. Until the day when the youngest pushed the door of the marriage specialist, to create a partnership. “It was simple, I asked Brigitte to give the address of my old institute, to the bride and groom who wanted beautiful nails and to have soft skin for their wedding”, recalls Mylène Simonin, who carried out all her studies in aesthetics, cosmetics and perfumery. She started exercising at the end of her BTS obtained by correspondence, while she was expecting her little Leo. “I remember that the turnover exploded when Brigitte started recommending our treatments to her clients”. One thing leading to another, the two become friends. Some disappointments appearing over the years in the professional career of the youngest, who begins to think seriously about the continuation of her professional career. She talks about it to her new friend who was also thinking of selling her business. The essential merchant of Vesoul, who has occupied rue Gevrey since 1995 (Editor’s note: she has been manager of the restaurant Le Gevrey, the pizzeria Saint-Georges and the Kingdom of the Bride since 2003), offers her help to get started together. “I offered to join us in a micro business and open our own institute,” smiles the bubbly sixty-something, mother of two grown children. “For a long time, I wanted to pass on my wedding shop by accompanying my future buyer. When that was done, I said to myself it’s time to get started with Mylène”. After receiving training as a nail technician in August, she embarked with her partner on two months of work at the new salon called “Myli Beauty”, located at 8 rue Gevrey (Editor’s note: Au Royaume de la Marie is located at number 6). Since October 20, the date of the opening, the two associates have had meetings from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m., non-stop, every day, in their cocooning universe. “We offer hair removal, foot care, eyelash extensions and enhancers, make-up and for customers who want it, a special hair removal technique, without wax and therefore without irritation or redness”, explains Mylène, totally fulfilled. “I see myself in her when I started in the business forty-two years ago,” reveals her eldest. “She has the same fishing, the same motivation and the same concern for doing well”. And Brigitte, how is she as a partner? “She supports, advises. She is benevolent and very serious but also full of humor”, laughs Mylène. Certainly, the two women get along wonderfully, or rather the three, because just a stone’s throw from their living room, stands Séverine, the now manager of the Kingdom of the Bride, who has also just negotiated a 180 degree professional turn. But that’s another story.

“Mily Beauty”, 8 rue Gevrey in Vesoul. Open non-stop every day, except Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Present on Planity, Facebook and Instagram. Such.


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