The time of menopositivity

The time of menopositivity

“For me, the menopause is not something negative, it’s just a new stage in my life as a woman”, immediately admits Anick Dumontet, host darling of Quebecers, whom we take pleasure in following on our screens, in particular wheel of fortune. While this period represents on average a third of a woman’s life and more than nine million Canadian women are already menopausal or will soon be, Vichy offers a range of skin care products specifically adapted to perimenopause and postmenopause.

At 50, Anick Dumontet has seen it herself: the hormonal upheaval that occurs naturally with menopause comes with many changes, particularly with regard to the texture, dehydration and slackening of the skin. Some women report a duller complexion, skin more prone to pigment spots or more visible wrinkles. “We don’t see it overnight, these are changes that take place gradually, says the host. That’s why, in addition to anti-ageing products, I love that Vichy offers a range of skincare products for these two very distinct stages of this period of life, during which a new relationship to the body and to femininity is established. »

In effect, perimenopause marks the arrival of the first hormonal changes, and therefore the first signs of change in the skin of the body and face. The production of sebum, collagen and elastin decreases and the epidermis becomes thinner. “I noticed that my skin was more tight, that it was less plump and that my complexion was less luminous,” says Anick, who uses the range. Vichy Neovadiol to remedy the situation and who has now added the new Meno 5 bi-serum to his routine. “The products work very well, but it’s more than just a question of effectiveness. My ritual is to give myself a moment to take care of myself, morning and evening, before going to sleep. These are a few minutes that belong to me and that make me feel good.”

In postmenopause, during the complete cessation of menstrual cycles, the production of estrogen and progesterone completely ceases, which accentuates skin aging and makes the skin drier and less firm. Hence the importance of using skin care that is specially designed for this stage of life. “The Neovadiol range is great, because the products contain precisely the ingredients that target the changes in the skin due to menopause, explains Anick Dumontet. And they are really easy to integrate into a beauty routine: no need to worry about lots of serums or little jars, it’s all there, in two steps.

The host mentions that she is impressed by Vichy and the brand’s desire to break the taboos surrounding menopause. “We are talking more and more about everything related to sexual, reproductive and hormonal health, and that makes me happy,” says Anick. Information is more accessible than ever – moreover, Vichy has actively participated in it for 20 years – and it allows women to better understand what is going on in their bodies. And, above all, not to feel alone during this crucial stage of their life. We all go through it, why hide it?

Anick maintains that menopause is not an end, but a new journey. And this is exactly the message that Vichy is trying to convey through its movement of #menopositivity. The experts of the brand recommended by 50,000 dermatologists around the world agree on this: women need to feel heard and supported in order to be able to talk freely about menopause and, ultimately, feel good about themselves… no matter how old they are!

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