Use this unique method to make a PERFECT french manicure at home

Use this unique method to make a PERFECT french manicure at home

Timeless trend, the french manicure yet causes a lot of worries for all those who want to make it at home. Hand shaking, problem of proportion, smudges… Its application can quickly turn into nightmare ! The level of precision that this nail beautification requires is among the most difficult. If some end up relying on professionals, beautystas, for their part, prove that it is possible to make your manicure yourself.

Dozens of videos have poured in on TikTok and highlight a very particular method, already adopted by beauty experts. This unstoppable trick promises to achieve a perfect French manicure, in record time. A very special object is hidden behind the technique acclaimed by nail artists: themakeup sponge. More commonly used to blend foundation, this tool is also very practical for precisely depositing varnish.

A French manicure in record time

Behind the tutorial shared on TikTok? The Ipsy company, which offers a monthly subscription service to receive beauty products. The experts who make up the teams regularly share their techniques to save time in their routine. To perform the French manicure, several steps must be followed. First, surround your sponge with a plastic film to protect her. A freezer bag will do just fine!

The second step is just as easy as the first! Comes the time to select color varnish that you want to use for the application on the tip of the nail. In the video, the beauty expert chose a red nail polish. Using the brush, come drop the material on the plastic film, forming a horizontal line. Be careful not to apply too much product at the risk that the shape of the French which follows the roundness of the nail is not respected.

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The make-up sponge, the ally of an effortless manicure

The third step is the application step. First make sure to prepare your nail. Apply the varnish of your choice: transparent, nude, white, colored… The choice of style is yours! Then gently push the tip of the nail into the sponge, where you applied the strip of varnish. This will allow, in a few seconds, to form the arc emblematic of the French manicure, without having to use a brush.

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TikTok, the beauty tips platform

This ultra-easy-to-reproduce technique quickly went viral on TikTok. The clip already counts more than 450,000 likes and hundreds of comments. Do not hesitate to practice so that the gesture becomes more and more fluid. You can also have fun with colors. Indeed, the French manicure continues to reinvent itself this season with a point of originality : the nail is edged with colored varnish. Something to brighten up the rainy days of autumn!

Other techniques exist to facilitate the realization of a French manicure. This is particularly the case of stickers in the shape of a crescent moon, specially designed for this type of application. You just have to apply them on the pink part of your nail, just at the limit of the white part. Then pass the white or colored varnish brush over the tips of your nails or a white applicator pen. Let dry then carefully remove each sticker. That’s it ! A superb manicure, in one Record time !

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