Why choose solid shampoo for your hair? – Masculine.com

Why choose solid shampoo for your hair?  – Masculine.com

As part of a zero waste, practical, economical and ecological approach, solid shampoo is a beauty solution that is attracting more and more people, especially men.

But what are the real benefits of this hair care?

Solid shampoo is ecological, but not only!

While it may surprise at first glance, solid shampoo has many benefits both in terms of health, but also ecologically, of course.

A gesture for the environment

By deciding to acquire – or to make yourself – solid shampoo, you are part of a zero waste approach.

Indeed, brands usually offer shampoo in bottles that are now recycled or recyclable, but not all of them play the game.

Today, nearly 5 shampoos are sold every second, or nearly 476,000 bottles/day.

With the shampoo bar, you significantly reduce this waste and use of plastic.

Significant savings for your wallet

Even if its purchase price is slightly higher than a classic shampoo, its long-term use allows you to perform between 50 and 100 washes… the equivalent of 3 bottles of liquid shampoo.

And with its incredible effectiveness, you don’t even need a conditioner!

And what’s more, it’s practical!

With its small size, you can carry your solid shampoo anywhere with you. On the go, on the go, in your toilet bag on the plane.

No longer do you need to carry your big tube of shampoo with you, the solid shampoo can be placed wherever you want, in your shower or in your bath.

And what about its preservation? Indeed, its conservation power is very interesting. Entirely composed of natural products, it keeps longer than a classic liquid shampoo. And in addition, it is not stuffed with additives.

Containing no silicone – which turns out to be a surface treatment – ​​or preservative, the solid shampoo acts in depth on the health of your hair. These are sustainably and fully nourished.

As for its use, there is nothing simpler. The solid shampoo is used like a classic soap, but on the hair. Dampen your hair, massage the shampoo bar directly into your hair to create a lather, or rub it between your hands to apply it to your head.

Then you just have to rinse well with clear water. Real child’s play!

To choose the right solid shampoo, just follow the same steps as for a traditional liquid shampoo.

Indeed, you have to choose it according to the nature of your hair, but also the frequency of use and the fragrance you like.

For dry hair

If you have dry hair, a solid shampoo based on vegetable oil or butter with nourishing properties (such as shea) is particularly indicated.

If you want to fight against dandruff, the solid shampoo based on white clay and chamomile or calendula provides active ingredients to balance your pH.

For oily hair

If you have oily hair, the solid shampoo based on green clay or essential oils (tea tree, lemon) restores a good balance.

For colored hair

And if you have colored hair, the solid shampoo based on chamomile, nettle and calendula provides softening and soothing active ingredients.

For damaged hair

For damaged hair, solid shampoo based on avocado, or argan oil or vegetable mango butter or grapeseed oil is preferred.

For frizzy or curly hair

For Afro or curly hair, solid shampoo based on coconut oil, Ylang-Ylang essential oil or jojoba oil is ideal.

Finally, it may be useful to specify that there are also solid shampoos for children with relatively mild active ingredients such as vegetable oils and butters.

How about making your own shampoo?

If you want to go even further in your approach, know that it is very easy to make your own solid shampoo. Many DIY shampoo tutorials exist on the Internet, but we have chosen to share our own homemade shampoo recipe with you. So, yes, the ingredients can be scary, but the result is 100% natural… and effective! 20 minutes are enough to prepare your hair care.


Four ingredients are generally recommended for your preparation:

  • surfactants;
  • powder (clay or rhassoul);
  • vegetable oil or butter;
  • some water ;

You can also add essential oils to accentuate the scent of your shampoo and better match your hair type (juniper against dandruff, peppermint against hair loss, tea tree for oily hair, etc.).


Let’s now (finally!) get to the heart of the matter, with the preparation of your solid shampoo. We will start on the basis of a 100 gram loaf.

First of all, remember to wash (or even disinfect) the bowls you will need. Pour 40 to 50g of SCI surfactant (the washing base of your shampoo) into a first bowl, then add 10g of water.

Place your water bath bowl, stirring the ingredients well. Pour 10g of vegetable oil or butter (shea, coconut, castor, etc.) then 10g of clay, stirring well to avoid lumps.

When your preparation begins to thicken and the texture becomes more homogeneous, remove your bowl from the bain-marie. Add 20 to 25 drops of essential oils if desired, then stir one last time (or knead with your hands if the texture is too thick).

Pour everything into a silicone mold and pack your preparation well. Let sit for 48 hours before unmolding. And that’s it, you’ve made your first solid shampoo for men! You can rush to the shower!

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