All the advice for a successful winter wedding

All the advice for a successful winter wedding

When we ask newlyweds why and how they decided to marry in autumn or winter, the reasons given are generally diverse and varied.

Services of all kinds more accessible, future guests more available, postponement imposed due to Covid or the desire for a celebration under the golden leaves or on a thick layer of snow: each has its own little story which justifies this still unconventional choice.

Problem ? Some of them seem to be unaware of the logistical specificities of such a winter celebration, which requires all the more attention as a simple oversight or mistake of strategic inattention is likely to spoil the nuptial festivities.

Budget, planning, cold management: we take stock of the imponderables not to be neglected for whoever wants successful winter wedding.

Plan the budget for your winter wedding

If the winter wedding has the reputation of costing significantly less than its summer sidekick, it still represents a substantial budget, especially since it is increasingly popular with young people ( future) married.

An evolution that we note a fortiori in regions with the most clement weather, such as the South of France.

Before establishing a final date, consider asking for quotes or doing a small benchmark of the prices offered by the service providers you have identified.

Make sure (also) that they operate well in winter, just like the hotels in the region, as some corners of France (or neighboring countries) are only active seasonally.

Master the planning of your winter wedding

Between the traditional November bridges, the end of year celebrations or the February holidays, the winter agenda can be busy for your future guests.

Take care to choose a wedding date that coincides with these different requirements to maximize the number of guests or, if not, send your invitations well in advance.

Finally, who says winter, says risk of snowfall, ice and other climatic festivities that can delay your guests, your caterer and any other leading actor/actress.

So plan a realistic schedule, taking into account potential last-minute changes.

The trick? Have your guests arrive on site the night before, to make sure everyone arrives on time.

Perfect decorations for her winter wedding

Or, in other words, assume completely that you have chosen to organize your wedding far from the beach and the coconut trees.

Reception venue in the middle of the mountains, menu featuring soups and typical seasonal dishes, cozy decoration with natural tones and materials: multiply the nods to the season, without falling into the possible clichés of a wedding either. Snow Queen style.

And if you dare the audacity of a wedding in the mountains, evaluate all the logistical implications of such a place, particularly in terms of access for your guests, accommodation or service providers.

A perfect outfit for a winter wedding

And if part of the wedding takes place in the mountains or simply outdoors, tell your guests so that they come with appropriate coats and shoes, while providing XXL plaids so that they can fully enjoy the moment. without freezing to death.

An advice that also applies to the bride: if the temptation of a dress that is more chic than warm is obviously great, still choose a winter wedding dress with long sleeves, full lengths and materials that raise the body temperature.

You can also opt for a wedding outfit that includes a thick white coat and adapted boots, ultra-easy to find in a wedding universe that is more uninhibited than ever.

Create a warm atmosphere

Whether the reception takes place in a farmhouse, a castle hall or an enclosed tent, make sure you have enough radiators and other heat sources installed so that you don’t shiver all day (and evening). .)

Do not hesitate to provide more hot drinks than for an ordinary wedding: nothing like a tea or mulled wine at hand to warm up. For outdoor scenographies, one can also imagine having campfires prepared which will not fail to add to the romanticism of the decor.

What lights for her winter wedding?

Because winter days in France are less sunny and night falls well before the start of the evening, we make sure that the place of reception is properly lit.

It may be a detail for you, but nothing more sinister than celebrations in the dark.

Hundreds of candles, retro chandeliers or even garlands of light: create a warm atmosphere while ensuring lighting that will enhance the shots taken by the photographer and your guests.

Winter wedding: think about a cozy interior

Because the poses of each other will tend to be a bit more tense outdoors, we take care to organize a double photo session, with a part indoors.

If the mercury is low, the bride and groom and the guests will indeed tend to want to send what will then be experienced as a chore, while the photographer will not necessarily be able to optimize an often unflattering winter light.

Nothing like a few shots taken in the warm, without frost and without a coat!

An emergency kit for her winter wedding

Recommended for any type of wedding, the emergency kit is needed more than ever for winter weddings.

Mattifying powder to touch up a tip of the nose all reddened by the cold, paper tissues for possible colds, winter wedding accessories extras (scarves, throws, hats, gloves, etc.) or heating patches that you slip subtly under your outfit: you try to anticipate all types of situations.

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