Alma or the beauty of femininity

Alma or the beauty of femininity

Created in October 2021, the Alma association, which supports young girls between the ages of 14 and 17 to discover their femininity, is now seeing its activity develop and grow. Focus on an association of young women at the service of femininity.

“I lack self-confidence”, “I’m not attractive”, “I don’t know if I’m really a woman”. In our society where benchmarks are collapsing, more and more phrases resonate from the mouths of adolescent girls in search of identity and meaning in their lives. Alma, a recent association, proposes to answer these various questions.

Invite teenage girls to think about the identity, beauty and talents of women

“It’s hyper sexist because it differentiates men and women”. These are the words of a young girl following a reading in her scout group. This was the starting point of the Alma reflection. Four leaders, challenged and shaken by this remark, began to create training and support adapted for young girls in full adolescence. Seeing that there was a real problem in understanding and welcoming her teenage femininity, they decided to put on Alma, confirmed in this project by the people around them. “There is a real need. We do not give a ready-made definition of woman, since she does not exist, in the texts of the Church in any case. On the contrary, we invite young girls to think more broadly about women, their identity, their beauty, their own talents and their mission in the world”, Philippine, in charge of recruitment and training.

On the program: three training weekends spread over two or three months, combining artistic activities, theoretical teachings, fraternal life and spiritual life, to allow young girls aged 14 to 17 to discover themselves, estimate themselves and fulfill themselves. . The price of a session of three weekends is 170 euros, as well as the transport costs that must be added.

“We couldn’t separate these four elements. Alma is not just an affective and sexual training, or purely spiritual, it is a complete program to allow adolescent girls to fully unfold in the present world. adds Philippine. The three pillars of the association are self-discovery, self-esteem and fulfillment. During the weekends, young girls will be able to receive various training courses based on the theology of the body of John Paul II, or on the reflections led by Edith Stein on femininity. Workshops in theatre, modelling, or even singing or sports are conducted. “Our pedagogical challenge is to start very concretely from the beauty of women to better understand it”, explains Philippine.

“Restful”, that’s the word that some of these girls remember. Peaceful, they can return home, with keys to put down roots in their daily lives, as women in the making. “The idea is not to create debate, but to allow these teenage girls to return home peacefully to resume the course of their lives”, adds Philippine. “The Latin word Alma refers simultaneously to the notion of ‘young girl’, ‘purity’, ‘nourishment and development’. There is a form of fecundity that emerges at the very root of this word,” she shares.

In today’s society, Alma is one of the answers to the needs of young girls in search of meaning to grow and assert themselves. Present at the Mission Congress, and offering new sessions for which registration will soon be open on its website, Alma will no doubt be able to invite you on a beautiful journey towards femininity!


Priscilla de La Bourdonnaye


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