PHOTOS – Anti-aging: at what age, what treatments to choose

PHOTOS – Anti-aging: at what age, what treatments to choose

Between the ages of 20 and 70, facial skin evolves and does not always require the same care. Here is a summary of your skin’s needs according to your age.

Between moisturizing creamseye contours, serums and anti wrinkle creams, the choice of facial treatments is wide and it can be difficult to navigate. Morning and evening, your skin requires a routine if you want to keep it radiant and soft. The stars have also understood this, which is why some of them are embarking on the creation of beauty brands.

Recently, Kate Moss has been in the spotlight following the launch of its range of wellness products 100% vegan and responsible. She closely toed the line The Outset created by Scarlett Johansson which consists of a moisturizer, night cream, serum and cleanser. Taking care of your skin has therefore become a daily habit that should not be neglected to delay the appearance of wrinkles and protect it against external aggressions.

At what age do you start putting on moisturizer?

From the age of 20, the moisturizer can integrate the cupboards of the bathroom. Even if the skin is healthy, it’s the perfect time to take care of it and provide it with optimal hydration. Despite its young age, the skin can still suffer from dehydration, fatigue and a dull complexion. A moisturizer is therefore perfect to fight against its inconveniences.

It is also to be chosen according to the type of your skin. Indeed, a sensitive skin prone to tightness does not have the same needs as a mixed skin. Even if the latter is greasy, it requires a good hydration like all the others.

When to start applying an eye contour?

There is no age to start applying an eye contour. However, from the age of 25, the first signs of aging may begin to appear. It may therefore be advisable to start a new routine for your eyes. Indeed, the skin of the eyes is more fragile, because it is thinner. It can therefore be prone to puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles.

Between the ages of 25 and 40, a moisturizing eye contour helps prevent the onset of wrinkles and puffiness and give radiance to your skin. From the age of 40, you can start turning to an anti-aging contour composed ofhyaluronic acid to fill in the first wrinkles.

Which serum to choose according to your age?

It is advisable to apply your morning and evening serum to optimize its effects. Today, there are a very large number of serums to meet the different needs of the skin. Some are intended to be moisturizing and can therefore be applied from the age of 20. Others are specialized in anti-aging care to be integrated into the routine from the age of 60.

Indeed, it is from this age that the serum becomes essential to fight against skin aging. The serum mainly helps to keep glowing skin while moisturizing and smoothing the features. However, if your skin suffers from particular problems, turn to suitable serums since there are some for redness, dilated pores or even dehydrated skin.

Which anti-wrinkle cream for which age?

It’s a fact, the skin begins to age from the age of 20. This is why a moisturizing routine is important and should be adopted as soon as possible. Anti-aging care can be integrated from an early age. As for the anti-wrinkle cream, it can take place in your bathroom from the age of 30 or as soon as the first fine lines appear.

Your cream can, of course, be chosen according to your skin type to continue to protect it and fight against your own discomfort. From the age of 40, the skin requires a complete anti-wrinkle routine which becomes even more advanced from the age of 50 to be able to fill in wrinkles and soothe hormonal changes.


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