Rodez: “Chloé and Léon”, they give the name of their children to their hair accessory project

Rodez: "Chloé and Léon", they give the name of their children to their hair accessory project

Originally from Besançon, but settled in Rodez since 2016 where she followed Loïc Poujol, her companion, professional footballer, Lucie Michel-Amadry created, in the fall of 2019, “Chloé et Léon”, named after their two children, a concept of the accessory around the world of hair.

Their names are Faustine, Jeanne, Léopoldine or Séraphine, Madeleine, without forgetting Séraphine, Suzie, Éline… The headbands of the “Chloé et Léon” brand are easily recognizable for those – the trend is generally feminine – who use them. The rest of the catalog (hats, scrunchies, foulchies and bows) is of the same ilk. A choice assumed by Lucie Michel-Amadry, creator of this concept of “accessory for liberated hair”.

This passion for sewing was not the first choice of the neo-Ruthénoise. Originally from Besançon, she had opted for a business school in Paris, and more particularly in the direction of marketing. Before meeting Loïc Poujol, professional footballer, born in Rodez and trained in Sévérac-le-Château (he stopped his career a year ago). “I followed him to different clubs like Sochaux or Paris FC and I didn’t do anything very concrete. It was when our daughter Chloé was born, in 2015, and when we arrived, in 2016, at Rodez, to integrate the Raf, that things have evolved”, she explains. And to continue: “I have always been attracted to sewing, thanks moreover to my father, a doctor by profession! I wanted an accessory other than the elastic to tie the hair, both more aesthetic and less damaging. Without any training and with a lot of tutorials, I created headbands that people liked. And, little by little, I expanded my offer, but always in the world of hair.”

“Chloé et Léon” (the little brother was born in 2019) came into the world the same year, in the fall, a time when it is fashionable to take care of your hair. And, since then, one thing led to another, it made its way and notably arrived at a crossroads. Development, communication, sales, Lucie Michel-Amadry, in her workshop which she did not wish to have set up shop for more freedoms – the orders are taken mainly on the internet –, does not want to skip the stages and prefers, as well , move forward little by little. While asking, however, many questions! Do I have to push the walls if the clientele increases ? Should I get someone to help me ? Do I have to buy equipment to develop myself ? For now, I follow my instincts.”

In the meantime, she will take the road to Paris, and more particularly to the Porte de Versailles, to participate in the Made in France fair for four days (see opposite). I really wanted to confront myself with a major meeting. I inquired with exhibitors from last year and, currently, I am multiplying my accessories so as not to run out. They are all, of course, hand-sewn and necessarily unique. Once the sewing machine was well in hand, the seamstress set about finding the fabric accordingly. I can possibly work with salvaged fabrics but, for the most part, they are new. French for the most part, they are also European, notably from Portugal. And, from time to time, with a welcome help from Loïc who uses a pair of scissors as he caresses the ball.

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Four days of fairs in Paris

Mif expo is the largest exhibition dedicated to products designed and manufactured in France. Nearly 900 exhibitors from all sectors come together at the Made in France show, the 10th of the name, from November 10 to 13, in Paris, Porte de Versailles. Of the 63 exhibitors in the Occitanie region, 9 are based in Aveyron: Evaness, Roquefort société, Eba (wooden and metal stairs), Aubrac bootmaker, Menuiseries Combes, cutlery from Barry, Lou Gaspillou (gastronomic specialties), Patrice Hill’s (trendy bracelets ) and Chloe and Leon.

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