SOS my lips are getting thinner: what to do?

As Dalida sang, “with time, goes, everything goes away“… even your luscious lips… Sun, genetics, smoking, the lips are indeed subject to many factors that cause them to age. Problem: they gradually find themselves devoid of sebaceous glands with a hydrolipidic film of almost non-existent surface.Thus around 30 and 40 years, they can become thinner, lose their volume and dry out.Fortunately, there are some solutions to keep a very fleshy mouth.

Injections of hyaluronic acid in the lips

This is THE trend of the moment. This method is the most effective way to obtain immediate results that last twelve long months. These injections help to smooth lines, reduce dehydrated corners of the lips and give them shine. They also have volumizing properties and will define the cupid’s bow. A technique of aesthetic medicine far from being natural but adored by stars to redraw their lips.

Laser or peeling to plump up your lips

Other than hyaluronic acid injections, there is also the laser which will stimulate the collagen of the skin by heat and will smooth the white lip. You can also turn to peeling, which will erase fine lines around the lips for better elasticity.

Exfoliate lips

Like the peeling method, it is important to exfoliate your lips. Be careful, we do not do it more than once a week and we use a fine-grain exfoliating treatment. Exfoliating the skin of the lips allows you to remove all the dead skin, for better absorption of the moisturizing balms. In addition, the exfoliation will revitalize the tissues by reactivating the blood flow, which will make them swell and will enhance their natural pinkish tint.

make masks

Just as you like to take care of your face through masks, it is essential to make masks for your lips to sweet kisses, but also to give them volume. These masks exist in several forms: cream or fabric. Soaked in a nourishing or silicone solution, the treatment must be applied all night. We favor masks based on pepper or chilli, which are spices that promote cell vasodilation and act on blood circulation, which will be activated. Here you are with more rounded and colored lips.

Moisturize your lips

Between the masks, we don’t forget moisturize your lips daily, whether in winter or summer. Hydration is essential for luscious and plump lips. Hydrating your lips restores their suppleness, softness and tone. In his bag, we slip a stick that we apply three times a day.

Massaging her lips

To complete her SOS routine, my lips are refined, we self-massage. Self-massage will help you redesign your mouth and increase its volume without going through cosmetic surgery. For effective self-massage, start by working the lip hem to reshape your mouth: grab the lip between your thumb and forefinger and roll your lips outward to warm and soften the area. Then, still with the thumb and forefinger, pinch the hem of the lips. Be careful, you avoid hurting yourself or breaking small vessels, by stopping when the skin starts to redden. Once the hem has been worked well, we move on to the orbicularis, which is a muscle that contracts and shortens over the years, resulting in a less plump mouth: we catch our mouth between our thumb and index finger and we press it stretching it forward. Exercises to be performed every day as a three-week cure!

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