What products to use to maintain your mustache? – Masculine.com

What products to use to maintain your mustache?  – Masculine.com

If a few years ago, the mustache reserved for our fathers, if not our grandfathers were considered has-been, it would seem that the look on it has changed a lot. Now, it’s almost corny not to wear it. Who would have imagined such a change of point of view?

After the renewed attraction for the beard, with the fashion of hipsters, the mustache is indeed the new physical asset to adopt. But beware, it is not enough to let a few hairs grow to be in trend: mustache maintenance is an art that should not be neglected.


Hydration and cleansing of the skin: everyone’s business!

Whether you have a mustache, a beard or beardless, the cleaning and hydration are two key steps in all skin care. You will thus avoid small redness and tight skin, while limiting wrinkles!

But, when you have a mustacheits maintenance also goes through a shampoo, for deep cleansing and care which will give it shine and strength. A good product will simultaneously take care of the mustache AND the skin underneath.

Once you have thoroughly dried the mustache, apply a moisturizing balm to refine the treatment.

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Sculpt a mustache worthy of the name

The mustache is not intended for a particular face, but it must nevertheless be trimmed according to the morphology of your face. Privilege the advice of a barber who will know how to define what type of mustache will suit you best.

For example, if you have thin lips, it is better to adopt a rather thick mustache, falling slightly on your upper lip, so that it appears more curved. Conversely, with a thick face, the provided mustache will not be in the best taste. It will be better to favor the association of the mustache and the goatee to soften the face.

Trim a mustache regularly

It doesn’t matter if you want to let your mustache grow, you should never give it free rein. Every 3 or 4 days, therefore, remember to cut the small hairs that protrude to avoid the invasion!

For this, you will need a maintenance kit including:

  • a comb to discipline your hair;
  • a straight razor for a close shave of your beard and precise trimming of your mustache;
  • a pair of scissors to cut stubborn hairs.

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What pre and post-shave care?

Before your “shaving operation”, take the time to take a hot shower ! The steam will help open your pores and prevent your skin from suffering from shaving as an attack.

Beyond caring for your mustache, take care of your face daily. For this, do not neglect scrubs your skin1 to 2 times a week, to eliminate dead skin and avoid ingrown hairs.

Finally, to add the finishing touch to your mustache, especially if your hair tends to be unruly, bet on a little wax, to shape it at best.

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