Everything you need to know about bronde coloring

Everything you need to know about bronde coloring

If your heart is torn between brown hair coloring and blonde hair coloring, bronde is for you. We tell you more about this ultra-trendy color.

What is bronde hair?

Contraction of brunette and blonde, the bronde is a mix of these two shades for a subtle and ultra-natural coloring, since chosen according to its complexion.

The bronde is made with strands of two to several shades close to the base color. This will lighten and soften brown hair, with lighter highlights. And give more character to the blonde, with darker locks.

The final result is close to a chestnut (sustained or not) highlighted.

What are the differences between a Tie & Dye and a bronde?

The main difference between these two hair colors is the mode of application. For the tie & dye, the coloring is done from the mid-lengths to the tips.

For bronde, it starts at the roots. The light locks blend into the hair, even more subtly than a sweep, thanks in particular to different layers of gloss that are applied to blend the colors together.

Discreet rendering guaranteed!

Bronde hair color, who is it for?

The natural result will seduce all chilly people who are afraid of radical change, but who nevertheless like to follow trends in terms of hair coloring.

The bronde is therefore suitable for almost all hair colors and all skin tones. Dark, matte or tanned skin will be enhanced by warm, golden reflections, while light skin with cold undertones will be magnified by ashy undertones.

The effect will also be more “punchy” on a brunette who wants to bring light to her mane. The bronde color also helps to bring volume to fine hair.

Note, however, that the bronde is not necessarily suitable for red hair. These can nevertheless be enhanced by coppery and flamboyant locks.

What shade of bronde to choose according to the color of my hair?

Inevitably, the bronde coloring will not be the same depending on your base.

  • Bronde coloring on light hair

If you are blonde and want to go bronde, all you need to do is add shades of chestnut to your hair, using highlights two shades darker than your natural color. In the jargon, this is called lowlight wicks. This will give more depth to your hair.

If you have brown hair, you can achieve a pretty bronde color by adding dark blonde highlights or honey highlights.

  • Bronde hair color on dark hair

It is possible to achieve a bronde coloring on dark hair. This will also bring a lot of light to the hair. The lighter shades will be done discreetly so that the locks blend into the mass. The goal is to have the most natural result possible. For brown hair, it is best to opt for golden or ash blond shades, or even caramel.

The bronde coloring is sublime because of its subtlety and naturalness. This is why it is advisable to achieve a bronde coloring at a hairdresser-colorist, rather than at home.

Indeed, care must be taken to blend the locks well to avoid the sweeping effect. And not to choose shades that are too light to avoid the tye & dye effect. In short, it’s an art, best left to expert hands.

The blond, as subtle as it is, requires special maintenance to prevent the color from bleeding.

It is therefore necessary to use products suitable for colored hair, so that your coloring does not lose its splendor. Also be sure to frequently apply moisturizing masks on your mane, or even oil baths, to take care of it.

At the beach, in summer, remember to protect your hair with hair sun protectionto prevent the color from changing.

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