Feeling good about yourself at menopause

Feeling good about yourself at menopause

Going through menopause with serenity is what all women want when this somewhat dreaded moment arrives… With the drop in estrogen and progesterone that occurs around the age of 50, noticeable changes gradually appear. Let’s take stock with Dr. Marina Alexandre, dermatologist and consultant for Vichy Laboratories.

From the perimenopause, more or less long phase during which the first signs appear, the skin becomes drier, finer. Cell renewal slows down, as does microcirculation. Results? The complexion is a little less luminous. Similarly, an estrogen deficiency alters the hydration of the skin: it is then drier, its support fibers (collagen and elastin) relax, the oval of the face becomes a little more blurred…

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Nourish and firm the skin

Faced with these changes, “the most important thing is to adopt a more nourishing and lipid-replenishing routine”, explains the dermatologist. To restore the skin barrier, bet on treatments rich in vegetable oils and butters, rich in fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9) and ceramides. The vitamin C and fruit acids (AHA), meanwhile, are effective at boosting radiance. While retinol, peptides andhyaluronic acid fight against the degradation of collagen and elastin, while improving cell renewal. “When the hormonal balance is broken, continues the specialist, this can sometimes promote the appearance of acne pimples. A local treatment is generally sufficient to solve the problem.” Retinol and fruit acids are also very effective in overcoming these small imperfections.

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Good daily care

If you haven’t already, now is the time to establish some good beauty habits. For facial cleansing, Dr. Marina Alexandre explains that “it is possible to continue to remove make-up with waterbut with a gentle product”. Finish with a spray ofthermal water to limit the drying effects of limestone in the water. Then “place for protection in the morning and repair in the evening”, continues the dermatologist. So, start the day by applying a moisturizer with antioxidants or vitamin C, followed by fluid sunscreen SPF 50 which will prevent the appearance of Brown stains. At the end of the day, after a thorough cleaning that will remove make-up, dirt, sebum and all particles of pollution, choose a rich night creamboth nutritious and anti-aging, containing retinol or fruit acids.

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Take care of your hair

Hair quality changes after menopause. They become thinner, which causes a loss of capillary density. At the same time, the arrival of White hair, drier and thicker, modifies the hair. It is therefore essential to maintain a balanced diet and to start a course of food supplements based on B vitamins, amino acids and plant extracts to improve their vitality.

On the care side, be careful not to attack them: wash them with a mild shampoo and regularly use a nourishing mask. Dark, thick hair may also appear on the upper lip or on the chin. Indeed, during this period, male hormones (androgens) take precedence over estrogen. If there are only a few hairs, carefully remove them with tweezers, being careful not to break them. If there are more of them, it is better to let the dermatologist remove them with electric or laser hair removal.

Strengthen the nails

The nails also suffer the blow… They become covered with streaks, become less smooth, drier and brittle, because they lack hydration. “The best solution is toapply a cream every day, explains the specialist. At bedtime, choose a very nourishing formula and massage hands, nails and cuticles. Hardeners or fortifiers are not recommended, as they tend to aggravate problems.” Also, consider putting on gloves for all housework, DIY and gardening to keep your hands looking good.

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Going smoothly…

Doctors consider that menopause is installed when the rules have disappeared for a year. When this step is taken, aging becomes more linear, more regular. With good eating habits, the transition will be smoother.: “It is not useless to repeat that it is necessary to have A balanced dietrecalls Dr. Marina Alexandre: favor fruits and vegetables for antioxidants, avoid fast sugarsresponsible for stiffening collagen and elastin fibers. Eliminate ultra-processed foods that are too inflammatory. Drink enough water, limit alcohol, quit smoking! Finally, during a visit to the dermatologist, do not hesitate to ask all the questions that bother you!” The important thing is also to be well accompanied on the health side.

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What about hormone therapy (THM)?

It is particularly beneficial against dry skin, as it compensates for the drop in estrogen. “But it’s a personal choice, which is not suitable for all women, specifies our dermatologist. It must be decided with the doctor. There are certain contraindications: hormone-dependent cancers (breasts, ovaries, etc.), cardiovascular risks and thromboembolic.”


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