Firm your skin and find a plump face

Firm your skin and find a plump face


Collagen Booster at Maison Lutétia: Firm your skin and find a plump face

Thanks to Maison Lutétia and its Collagen Booster treatment, find plump and firm skin before facing winter temperatures.

The French house of aesthetic medicine, which has built its reputation on its vision of natural beauty and sophisticated methods for exceptional results, helps you face winter thanks to a range of treatments that each have their own advantages, for a result targeted and optimal.

Carbon Laser treatment, Cellular Expert treatment, Collagen Booster treatment or even the Signature Treatment of the House, LUXE invites you to discover the Collagen Booster treatment, for skin that gains in rebound.

Collagen Booster: firms, regenerates, stimulates


Firm skin / Sheathed face / Toned tissues

To put the tissues back in tension, Collagen Booster, a firming radiofrequency treatment, is recommended at Maison Lutétia and lasts approximately 45 minutes. This three-step treatment is based on bipolar radiofrequency technology, which restores tension to the skin of the face. Ideal to fight against the lack of firmness and find a plump face. The technology sends high-powered electromagnetic waves, which heat the skin and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Over the course of the protocol, the texture of the skin improves and becomes more toned.

Dedicated to those who observe sagging skin or a lack of tone in the face, the treatment can be applied around the eyes, cheeks and cheekbones, nasolabial folds, the oval of the face, on the lips, neck and décolleté or forehead.

Step 1: Consultation

An aesthetic consultation carried out at Maison Lutétia makes it possible to understand your needs and rule out contraindications.

Step 2: The skin is put under tension thanks to electromagnetic waves

After applying a conductive solution, the practitioner uses a latest-generation handpiece to send electromagnetic waves to the areas to be re-tensioned. The emission of bipolar radiofrequency is felt as heat. The surface temperature of the skin reaches up to 42° in order to stimulate the production of collagen and the retraction of fibroblasts.

Step 3: A massage relaxes and completes the stimulation

A relaxing massage at the level of the oval, then a tonic modeling of the cheekbones are carried out to complete the stimulation of the collagen. Finally, beats on the jowls are intended to accentuate the firming of the skin.

At the rate of two sessions per week for 1 month, you will deeply see the benefits of these treatments on your skin for a new radiance. Find out more about care Collagen Booster on the Maison Lutétia website.

Photo credits: ©Maison Lutetia

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