Grandmother Retouches Photos Of Her Grandchildren To Match Her Beauty Standards

Grandmother Retouches Photos Of Her Grandchildren To Match Her Beauty Standards

When you have differences of opinion with your in-laws, it can be difficult to manage. And when it’s our ex-in-laws, it’s sometimes even more difficult to be patient! A mother will not say otherwise. In a post on the Reddit forum, spotted by the Mirrorshe denounces a toxic and ridiculous behavior of the grandmother of her children.

The grandmother retouches the photos of the children

With her ex-husband, this woman had five children. They see their grandparents regularly on weekends. Something that shouldn’t be a problem, if she hadn’t spotted some problematic behavior in her ex-mother-in-law. “She has a huge obsession with the aesthetic of blonde hair and blue eyes, and I feel like she can consider that to be the standard of beauty”, she explains. A first problem, already, because there should be no standard or “norm” of beauty.

“My eldest daughter and son have those two things, but my other three children, not really… My twins are blonde with brown eyes and my youngest daughter has blue eyes and is brunette. My mother-in-law posts a lot about the social media, and posts all the time on my kids but mostly on my eldest daughter and son I noticed this but let it go even though it annoyed me… But when she posts [des photos de] my three other kids, she uses weird filters on them all the time but I let it flow”she explains.

However, a real problem arose when she noticed that the grandmother had changed the appearance of her children to match what she considers to be “beauty standards”. In a photo where the three youngest appear, the youngest’s brown hair has been lightened, as have the twins’ eyes, to look blonde and blue-eyed respectively.

The mother makes a radical decision

Seeing this, the children’s mother had it over her head, and we understand her. “I messaged him and told him not to touch my kids. [sur les photos] and that it was weird, of course she denied it and said it was the light… Which is bullshit”, she recalls. Worse still, his ex-mother-in-law started again! “Last weekend she posted a picture of all my kids that was badly edited to the point that even my friends texted me about it and reported her. I texted her asking her to delete her and that I didn’t like this post. She ignored me, so I had enough and reported her account, which was suspended”explains this mother.

Her children’s grandmother obviously doesn’t understand what the problem is when, by doing so, she only deteriorates their self-confidence! She even accused their mom of “control [son] access to his [petits-enfants] and use [ses] personal feelings to damage the relationship between [les] children and their grandparents. Fortunately, this mother was able to count on the support of Internet users. “I’m so sorry that part of your daughter’s growing up years was wasted by a grandmother who has favorite grandchildren because of their looks. […] Why all this negativity, life is too short to deal with toxicity”, responds one person. Someone else adds: “Your mother-in-law crossed a line and you reacted to protect your children. Social media can be a great thing for keeping in touch with people, but it’s also been proven to cause trust issues in self in young people, particularly on the image of their body”.

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