How does a parapharmacy work?

How does a parapharmacy work?

What is a parapharmacy?

Beauty, hygiene and make-up products have always been present in pharmacies. Gradually, the shelves dedicated to these products have only grown in pharmacies, but also in large retail stores. Unlike a pharmacy delivering medicines and remedies for self-care, the parapharmacy only offers products for taking care of yourself. All references available in a parapharmacy can be purchased without a prescription. You can even find online stores like the Parapharmacy E. Leclerc. Indeed, nothing obliges a parapharmacy to have a pharmacist in its team. However, some laboratories may make it a condition for granting the distribution of their products.

Parapharmacy or well-being for all

The pharmacy is a space totally dedicated to well-being AND with free access. Everyone can stroll between the departments to find the body and facial treatments that meet their requirements. In the shops, specialists in these expert products without being medicines are available to the public to guide them. It also happens that doctors or dermatologists recommend certain products sold in drugstores. Indeed, the laboratories marketing their products via this network develop formulas that can respond to specific skin problems. Sensitive skin, suffering from eczema or redness can count on effective formulations adopting a concentration of active ingredients suitable for sale without a prescription. However, these products cannot be reimbursed by Social Security. Like a traditional business, the parapharmacy is punctuated by promotional operations allowing you to benefit from reductions and do good business throughout the year.

What products and brands can you find in drugstores?

The range of products available in drugstores is very varied. You can thus find shelves dedicated to the following universes.

Food supplements

In capsules, tablets, drinks or capsules, food supplements can treat many problems. Digestion, stress, immune system, sleep or slimming: they are part of a balanced diet to help you feel better.

The face

Creams, scrubs, cleansers and other make-up removers: the drugstore offers everyone the right care for their skin. Many products for men and references dedicated to skin acneics are available.


From the shower to oral hygiene via the ENT sphere or intimate hygiene: you have everything you need to equip your bathroom. It is also in this radius that you can get hydroalcoholic gels and masks.

The body

These treatments represent a large part of the references present in drugstores. Sensitive and atopic skin can thus benefit from gentle and nourishing products available in numerous galenics (balms, oils, milks, etc.).

The hair

The parapharmacy is also the place to find hair products for all hair types. Anti-hair loss or anti-itch treatments are also available. This department also offers many solutions against lice, but also hair dyes.

mothers and babies

From the start of pregnancy, expectant mothers need specific skin care to fight against stretch marks, for example. The fragile skin of babies also requires special attention. You will find in drugstores a varied selection of infant milks, bottles or teats.


The parapharmacy is not allowed to sell medicines, but you will find products there to take care of the small daily ailments. First aid kits, products against heavy legs, articles against snoring or treatments to relieve joints and muscles are part of the selection.

Phytotherapy & aromatherapy

Parapharmacies also offer a complete selection of essential and vegetable oils and Bach Flowers. Lovers of natural well-being solutions will be able to find everything they need to concoct their home care.

Slimming and sport

Are you watching your line? Here again, the parapharmacy will be the essential meeting place for your slimming treatments, but also food supplements, massage oils or gels to relieve muscles and joints after sport.


Complexion, nails, lips and eyes: nothing will be missing from your beauty treatment. Drugstore formulations combine good tolerance and beauty results that meet your requirements.


Sun protection is a key part of a beauty routine. For everyday use or before the holidays, a visit to a parapharmacy allows you to find the ideal formulation with the appropriate protection factor. To keep a radiant complexion even away from the sun, take a detour to the self-tanning section.

The care available in drugstores is synonymous with expertise. You will thus be able to find renowned brands such as Uriage, La Roche Posay, Nuxe, Avène, Bioderma, Weleda, SVR, Puressentiel, Vichy, Eucerin, Eau Thermale Jonzac, Neutrogena, Phyto, Filorga. All these laboratories offer products whose composition can be classic, natural or organic.

Parapharmacy, what are the prohibitions?

Medicines (for humans and animals) are not the only products that cannot be sold in parapharmacies. Thus, you will not be able to find the following references there:

  • Dietary foods for special medical purposes;
  • Medicinal plants that are part of the pharmacopoeia (they have “curative or preventive properties with regard to human or animal diseases”);
  • Dressings said to comply with the pharmacopoeia and open to reimbursement by Social Security.

By combining laboratory requirements with a free access space, the parapharmacy gives you access to cutting-edge care. Online or physical, these spaces put well-being at the heart of their concerns. Everyone can thus find remedies to improve their daily lives. Hygiene, food or cosmetics: these shops bring together everything you need to take care of your family.

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