Jenifer – Rejuvenation technique

Jenifer - Rejuvenation technique

Her beauty secret, Jenifer finally agreed to deliver it during an interview, where she slapped the rumor that she was addicted to the scalpel.

The magazine Public assured in the spring that the singer would have undergone “Jawline contouring”, a new rejuvenation technique consisting of “injecting” hyaluronic acid at the level of the contour of the jaw in order to modify the oval of the face or to avoid a sagging of the jowls”.

A specialist even claims that the ex-coach of The Voice would have used new rejuvenation techniques, including Botox injections on the star’s forehead “because it is perfectly smooth”.

In an interview with Fémina, Jenifer revealed her beauty secrets. At no time does she mention cosmetic surgery operations.

We learn on this occasion that the one who will celebrate her 40th birthday very soon has adopted a “special treatment containing a precious mixture of argan oils and prickly pear seeds”.

It is a nourishing serum, which follows her everywhere.
“It is ultra-nourishing, perfect for repairing and comforting my skin after a concert or a long week,” explains the one who is aware of the passage of time.

“My body is aging, I accept my wrinkles,” she says.
Jenifer also shares her tip. The mother of three children, the last of whom was born from her marriage to Ambroise, moisturizes her skin with L’eau de beauté de Caudalie.

“I use it just before applying my moisturizer. There is a little trick to know: you should not wait for the mist to dry before applying your cream. On the contrary, on damp skin, the cream penetrates the epidermis much better,” explains Jenifer.
And to specify: “I also spray a little of this mist over makeup, as a final touch, to bring a more natural and luminous effect to the complexion”.

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