VIDEO Bilal Hassani: he makes a few small mistakes in his evening beauty routine, we explain why

VIDEO Bilal Hassani: he makes a few small mistakes in his evening beauty routine, we explain why

The YouTube channel of Vogue UK unveiled Bilal Hassani’s evening beauty routine. In this video, the artist shares her steps from make-up removal to dental care in a good mood. However, Here is spotted a few mistakes to correct to take good care of her skin.

At 22 years, Bilal Hassani is an example for all of us. Accomplished singer and shock juror for Dance with the starshe recently participated in the cult video series of the YouTube channel of Vogue UK: beauty routines. Many celebrities take part in the game in front of the camera: Angèle, Miranda Kerr, Jeanne Damas, Kendall Jenner… who reveal the various stages of their morning or evening beauty ritual. The singer adds to the list of international stars. The Graal ! In these videos, everyone reveals their little secrets and tips to take care of your skin and beautify it. At the house of Here is, we love Bilal Hassani, but a few little mistakes have slipped into his evening beauty routine. We explain why.

How to properly remove make-up at night?

Bilal Hassani begins by removing her sublime glamorous makeup with… make-up remover wipes. Ouch. Certainly, they can be taken everywhere and allow a fairly quick make-up removal, but it is really far from being the ideal product. In addition to being too aggressive for the skin of the face and the eye contour, make-up remover wipes are a real disaster for the environment. It is better to use a cleansing oil, for example. This product effectively removes make-up (even waterproof!) and is suitable for all skin types. Nothing better to remove make-up while respecting your epidermis. Fortunately, the artist then applies a squalane cleanser from The Ordinary, a nugget for remove makeup and impurities keeping skin hydrated.

Bilal Hassani’s beauty routine: how to take good care of your skin?

Another good point of Bilal Hassani’s evening beauty routine, it is the application of the tonic lotion after make-up removal. Its benefits are numerous! The lotion purifies the epidermis, eliminates dead skin, helps the serum to penetrate better… The only disadvantage of this step is the use of non-reusable cotton, which can have an irritating effect.. Better to apply it by hand always from the inside to the outside of the face, as shown very well by the artist. Adding tapping helps to oxygenate the epidermis, and thus to better absorb the product.

About the application of the serum, Bilal Hassani puts the pipette directly in contact with his face. Instead, prefer drops in the palm of your hands. Why ? Upon coming into contact with the skin, the pipette risk of “contaminating” the product in the bottle with bacteria. This could alter its quality and effectiveness in the long term. Furthermore, heating the serum in the palm of the hand better absorption of the product by the skin and its effectiveness is increased tenfold. Without his few beauty mistakes, Bilal Hassani has perfect skincare!

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