what are the trend cuts of the year?

what are the trend cuts of the year?

Long hair is one of the hairstyle trends of the year. Focus on the cuts to adopt urgently, spotted on the Fashion Week parades.

Long hair: trendy cuts and hairstyles

From Chanel to Givenchy, via Saint Laurent or Versace: long hair dominated the catwalks of fashion shows this year, summer and winter alike. XXL hair has made its show from every angle and thus confirms one of its main advantages: the possibility of varying hairstyles according to one’s desires.

At the top of the trends, the ponytail is gaining ground: sometimes very high and well flattened at the roots, sometimes low, or even tied on the side. Even more regressive, the braids are available in a miniature version sprinkled in the hair as in the 2000s, or multiplied at the back of the head in a cascade. Hair accessories also make it possible to boost the simplest of hairstyles, by sporting a simple barrette, a headband or a fancy scrunchie.

Long hair: what are the trend cuts of the year?

What haircut for long hair?

The ideal haircut for long hair mainly depends on the texture of the hair. Those with fine hair can favor layered cuts that will give them maximum volume and texture. Women with thick hair can opt for a straight cut, with well-trimmed ends horizontally. However, it is above all a question of choosing a look that suits us and that we like.

The only instruction not to ignore if you want to adopt the trend in the rules of the art? The lengths must be worn at least under the chest, ideally about twenty centimeters below the shoulder. The most daring can even opt for extensions.

What is the trendy hairstyle of the moment?

Long hair in the “smooth baguette” style typical of the 2000s has been making a strong comeback in recent seasons under the name “Liquid Hair”. This silky brushing does not tolerate any frizz! The trick to keeping straight and shiny lengths? Apply your mask strand by strand, to the ends, and knead the hair for 7 to 10 minutes to make the product penetrate well. As a final touch, you can apply a gloss treatment to maximize shine and avoid flyaways.

The “wet hair” look competes with it on the trend podium. Attention, not to the first degree: the hair should not be wet, but damp! They are about 60% dried and then styled with a wide tooth comb towards the back of the head. The trick to mastering the lengths? Mix a gel and a hair cream, which is then distributed from the ends to the roots, in order to avoid ending up with greasy or too rigid hair.

For an evening, you can opt for voluminous disco-style waves or vintage crepe lengths that are going to be very fashionable this spring-summer 2023.

In video, the “U-Shape” cut or how to give the impression of having more hair

Long hair and bangs: the winning combination

The bangs also fit very well with long hair. This season, curtain bangs and long 70s-style bangs are popular. But we also observe a great return of the wick on the side which reigned over the 2000s (seen in particular at the Coperni and Tom Ford fashion shows). She even seduced many celebrities like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa or Kim Kardashian.

The short bangs (or “baby bangs”) are also very popular on the catwalk as on the red carpets. It will be particularly suitable for those who have a round face but above all, for those who know how to assume this radical look.


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