which flowers will be the basis of your herbal teas this winter?

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Winter flowers infusion: which infusion to drink in winter? Winter brings with it the return of cold, short days, fatigue and temporary colds. It is also a period of heavy and difficult to digest meals. To take care of your health and morale, nothing better than a homemade herbal tea. Choose organic plants for your winter tea. An organic plant does not pollute your cup or your body. Drink your herbal tea plain or mix the ingredients to enjoy the taste and benefits of each product.

Winter flowers infusion: which plant to choose for an herbal tea for your winter ailments?

winter flowers infusion herbal tea ailments

Which winter flowers digestive infusion?

Linden herbal tea

linden infusion drink without moderation

The linden bract has several virtues. Its tea contributes to the natural defenses of the human body and helps to maintain good health. The plant is also known to promote perspiration during feverish states.

Lime leaf herbal tea

Like linden tea, steeping lime leaves in hot water also produces a tea that aids in digestion and relaxation.

Ginger for Digestive Problems

Like cinnamon, ginger is a spice and an important ingredient in Asian cuisine. But it is also a good herb for winter tea. Plain or lemon, its strong and spicy taste helps you fight the cold. Ginger is said to improve digestion and limit vomiting due to motion sickness.

Fennel tea for digestion

fennel infusion drink winter

Fennel is an excellent plant for a tea with digestive properties. Fennel seed tea is said to have an antispasmodic effect and reduce flatulence and bloating. The tea also calms diarrhea and upset stomach. To enjoy the benefits of this product, it is necessary to consume at least three infusions a day.

Which winter flowers relaxing or soothing infusion?

benefits winter floral infusions

A relaxing cup of hemp leaf tea

Hemp leaves are infused to take advantage of the relaxing effect of CBD, or cannabidiol. Hemp teas offer sedative properties and help fight stress. This plant is ideal for giving you a few minutes of peace and quiet.

Sleep and health with verbena infusion

health benefits verbena infusion

With its lemony flavor, lemon verbena is a pleasant plant for a relaxing herbal tea. Verbena helps reduce nervousness and irritability. Verbena teas are said to contribute to better sleep. Perfect for keeping your energy up in the winter.

Lemon balm teas for a better mood

Lemon balm leaves offer infusions with a sweet taste of honey and lemon. They are said to relax and help reduce anxiety. Lemon balm is a good herb for a mood-boosting herbal tea that helps fight the cold and winter.

Attack sore throats or stomachaches with infusion winter flowers!

Chamomile tea to soothe pain

chamomile herbal tea winter benefits

Put three grams of chamomile flowers in hot water and let it steep for a few minutes. The result is a soothing tea for your throat. Chamomile tea supports you with a dry cough and helps maintain respiratory health. Chamomile flowers are also said to support the immune system. Plus, a cup of chamomile helps with relaxation and digestion.

The power and potency of (peppermint) tea

herbal tea winter flowers mint infusion

Mint tea is said to relieve colds, blocked sinuses, and headaches or stomach aches. The menthol in peppermint is said to soothe coughs and sore throats. When lemon or honey is added, further antiseptic benefits are provided.

Thyme infusion

thyme make herbal tea

Take some thyme from your garden and soak it in water for a few minutes. Thanks to its content of polyphenols and vitamin C, thyme supports your body’s defenses. Thyme teas are said to relieve sore throats and chest coughs associated with colds. Count 2 grams per cup.

Mallow infusion

Mallow is another herb for a herbal tea with throat benefits. It has soothing and emollient properties. Herbal teas made from mallow flowers help with hoarseness. They also help clear the airways. You can also infuse mallow flowers to aid digestion.

Winter flowers infusion with sage leaves and its benefits

garden sage infusion

Make homemade herbal tea with sage leaves, also called garden sage. The strong tasting infusion stimulates the immune system and relieves throat inflammation. This sage leaf tea helps with digestive problems and excessive sweating, thanks to its ursolic acid content.

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