Why choose permanent hair removal with Depil&Young?

Why choose permanent hair removal with Depil&Young?

Permanent hair removal remains the best option to say goodbye to body hair. Focus on the details of this process.

What is permanent hair removal?

Permanent hair removal works by eliminating hair at the root, which limits their regrowth. The method involving pulsed light is an example. The principle is to target the germ cells so that they can no longer produce hair.

Permanent hair removal using pulsed light, used by Depil&Young, uses light waves to destroy the hair bulb. The device used emits a wave which will come into contact with the melanin of the skin. This results in the production of heat intended to burn the hairs at their roots. Meet at our centers to discover all the details of the process implemented.

What are the benefits of permanent hair removal?

Permanent hair removal can treat all areas of the body, except at the level of the eyebrows. More and more men are turning to this technique to remove hair from their chest and arms. It is a quick solution, carried out in several sessions of a few minutes. Permanent hair removal with pulsed light remains the best option for permanently eliminating hair. This process generally requires between 3 to 10 sessions, with visible results from the first interventions. The last sessions, for their part, are used to maintain hair removal. For a better result, the sessions take place when the hairs are short and fine. It is therefore advisable to shave beforehand. This is also the only technique authorized between two pulsed light hair removal appointments.

Being a long-term solution, permanent hair removal can be considered an investment. With Depil&Young, pay for your sessions in 10 installments free of charge. However, maintenance sessions must be carried out after 4 to 5 years.

The technique is also appreciated for several reasons:

● If the result depends on your hairiness, it can remove up to 80% of the hair.

● It prevents ingrown hairs, the objective being to act at the source.

● The process is almost painless, except for a slight tingling sensation during the reaction between the light rays and the melanin. The techniques implemented are designed to minimize discomfort. If necessary, the institute can offer an anesthetic ointment or cream.

What are the conditions for achieving permanent hair removal?

It should be noted that Depil&young permanent hair removal is suitable for people of all ages, even those with sensitive skin. Your twenties and thirties are the best times to take care of yourself by permanently eliminating hair.

Permanent hair removal with pulsed light has, however, some contraindications. It is incompatible with anticoagulant treatments. The sessions will also be impossible if taking a photosensitizing drug. Finally, this method of hair removal is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

In addition, exposure to the sun should be avoided following a permanent hair removal session. UV rays can actually cause significant burns on the treated parts.

How does an appointment for permanent hair removal work at Depil&Young?

Specializing in well-being, Depil&Young offers hair removal, slimming and facial treatments. The brand uses innovative technologies as well as French and natural products. Before a permanent hair removal session, a beautician performs a free assessment to study the area, the skin type and hairs. This interview is also an opportunity to discuss the progress of the sessions and to establish a personalized estimate. The cost of the intervention depends on the importance of the treatment, that is to say your hairiness and the area to be treated.

The day before a session, the Depil&Young beauticians recommend a shave to benefit from a better curve of the hairs and facilitate identification. It should be noted that the appointments are spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart in order to respect the regrowth cycle. For your safety as well as that of the practitioners, the wearing of protective glasses is mandatory. In particular, they prevent the risk of burns. To avoid redness and irritation, moisturize your skin after each session.

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