A new online store of Quebec products

A new online store of Quebec products

A new online store based in the Saint-Sauveur district was launched in the summer of 2022. Beau & Bon offers personal care and household cleaning products from Quebec. Its managers wish in particular to facilitate access to articles from various manufacturers by offering them under the same banner.

Among Beau & Bon’s product offerings, there are treatments for the face, body, hair and beard or nails for everyone. Household cleaning products, laundry water, home fragrances and candles are also available.

Beau & Bon was born in the offices of Volcan, a company in the Saint-Sauveur district that works in the design of websites and solutions for e-commerce, among other mandates.

Patrick Vachon works at Volcan while Danny Lamontagne is the co-owner. They are partners at Beau & Bon along with Sophie-Laurence Brown.

Birth of Beau & Bon

“We already had all the expertise in-house to set up an electronic store project. After having done it for dozens of clients, we chose to embark on the adventure of e-commerce ourselves,” says Mr. Vachon, who is also a resident of Saint-Sauveur.

“We said to ourselves: ‘We already have the expertise and we are doing it for others! Why wouldn’t we do it for us?”, he added in an interview on November 1st.

Although it is based in premises adjacent to those of Volcan, on rue de Dieppe, the SME Beau & Bon is not a subsidiary of this company. It is a separate entity, says Danny Lamontagne. The associates of the new boutique have also kept their respective jobs there.

Quebec products

After some research, Beau & Bon officials have decided to launch their site in the summer of 2022. The company offers quality personal care and home products online from Quebec companies.

Its craftsmen first relied on products from Quebec City, which facilitated logistics, transportation and meetings with suppliers. “Over time, to develop a more varied offer, we moved away a bit (from the region) to find other suppliers,” says Patrick Vachon.

Soaps from Nu are available at Beau & Bon.
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Today, the boutique offers products from suppliers in the province. Some 25% are from the Quebec region, estimates Mr. Lamontagne. Among other things, you can find the soaps from Nu Saisons, handmade in the Saint-Sauveur district. This artisanal factory had moreover been the subject of a portrait in My neighborhood in April 2021.

Well-being and cocooning

For Beau & Bon managers, was it important to adhere to the “well-being and cocooning” niche?

“Yes, absolutely. Then it also went squarely in the direction of our suppliers. We have a lot of suppliers who will offer products like soaps or shampoos and who will have candles. We didn’t want to limit ourselves to a specific niche,” replies Mr. Vachon.

The shop therefore allows us to “take care of ourselves and take care of our home”, he adds.

Beau & Bon’s initial concept also included a food component with items such as spices and teas. However, since food management is more complex in terms of storage and shipping, the store’s partners have decided to focus on personal care and household products for the time being.

“The door is not closed”, however, says Patrick Vachon about a future food offer.

Candles, eco-responsible household products and vegan ones, not tested on animals, are currently among the most popular items at the store, he says.

The future and projects

What does the future hold for Beau & Bon? Where does it see itself in the summer of 2023, a year after its founding?

“We are working on different things, for example the creation (…) of thematic boxes that will be added. We will group together in the same box different products from different suppliers that will go well together. It’s part of the plans that are already underway, ”answers Danny Lamontagne.

“Most of our suppliers already have their online store, but it’s not easy for consumers to find a place where they can, for example, buy a soap from Nu Savons, buy a beard balm from Groom, buy the spray for KRWN hair… All in one order. We wanted to have a store that offered 100% Quebec products and that made it possible to discover several suppliers without having to order individually from each,” added Mr. Vachon.

The SME also wants to increase its network of contacts while solidifying its relations with its current suppliers, adds Mr. Lamontagne. She also wants to better target her product line so that all the items offered fit together well.

However, the team does not plan to open a physical store. She prefers to concentrate her activities online, for a question of flexibility and costs. His current situation “allows him to evolve in an intelligent and thoughtful way while remaining glued to (his) values”, concludes Patrick Vachon.

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A glimpse inside Beau et Bon’s warehouse.
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