At 58, Monica Bellucci says her beauty is no longer the same

At 58, Monica Bellucci says her beauty is no longer the same

Monica Bellucci has never hidden that she wanted to age serenely. Invited this November 5 in the show What an era! on France 2, the Italian actress, still considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, however confided that she found that her beauty had evolved with age.

“I find the passage of time great”

Last August, the actress explained in an interview with Hello Monaco that with age, “we discover other aspects of ourselves that go beyond appearance. With age, biological beauty changes but we still have many other things to give”.

Words that surprised the journalist and presenter of the show Léa Salamé: “Monica Bellucci says that her biological beauty is no more. I don’t know how you can say that! How can you say that?”

“I said that time passes, it’s just like that, replied the 58-year-old star. In the sense that there is a time for everything and that there is a precise biological period. Afterwards, there are other things that happen, we mature, we have a distance from things… I think it’s very interesting to see the evolution of a person’s life.”

Far from being satisfied with this response, Léa Salamé continues and admits finding that when Monica Bellucci talks about her age in interviews she gives the impression of “a form of renunciation”: “Renunciation? A renunciation of what? Absolutely no! Me, I find the passage of time great. It’s just another vision of life, but that takes nothing away from the passion and the desire to live (…) Life makes you become full of things, d “First you are a young woman and then you become a mother. There are lots of different facets of you that you reveal”, retorted the interested party.

No problem for Monica Bellucci to change physique

Getting ugly for a role? The one who will play singer Maria Callas on the stage of the Théâtre du Châtelet on November 14 does not say no: “I have no problem changing physically. I made a film with Liam Neeson (Memory, editor’s note) I had to be different physically and I did. I worked on my dark circles, I gained weight, I changed my physique a bit.”

A change of point of view since in 2017, the actress confided to FranceInfo: “Me, I have always experienced my physical appearance as a gift. I have not fought against it. Besides, I have never transformed myself in a film, as many actresses do who have destroyed themselves on the screen to be more credible. I think that the passage of time gives me another way of existing on the screen. When we see the film by Emir Kusturica (On The Milky Road, editor’s note) we realize that my body has changed, that time has passed. So I have another way of representing roles on screen, because an actress exists through her body.”

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