How often should you wash your hair?

How often should you wash your hair?

With the recent publication of a study revealing the presence of benzene – a carcinogenic chemical element – ​​in many dry shampoos, some people may have to rethink their hair routine. This is an opportunity for CNN to take stock of the ideal frequency for washing your hair and maintaining a healthy scalp.

This fluctuates according to several factors such as the nature of the hair, its tendency to become oily as well as the level of activity of the subject. But as a general rule, Anthony Rossi, assistant dermatologist and member of the American Academy of Dematology, advises washing your mane once or twice a week, with a few exceptions.

Starting with the colors: “Any chemical treatment dries out your hair, so it’s best to use less than a weekly shampoo to prevent split ends”, according to the specialist. The same goes for frizzy or curly hair, which tends to become dry. The latter, on the other hand, benefit from a separate treatment, requiring occasional washing on the basis of once every two or three weeks.

Age is also a decisive criterion. According to the dermatologist assistant, “puberty causes a surge of hormones and the sebaceous glands can hypertrophy, which also explains the possibility of acne in adolescence. In this case, it is useful to shampoo more frequently”. But rest assured, sebum production decreases as you age and your situation can only improve.

How to space your shampoos?

“Scalp hygiene is just as important as beard hygiene. You have to take care of the skin underneath., warns Anthony Rossi. To take care of the maintenance of your skull, adequate daily habits are enough: combing your hair every day helps to loosen the dead cells attached to your skin, in the same way as massaging the scalp. From this gesture can also appear relaxing virtues.

Fans of dry shampoos, know that experts advise against them: they do not let the hair breathe.

Athletes, on the other hand, may not get used to the idea of ​​minimizing washes and are therefore inclined to increase their frequency. So how do you combine hygiene and physical activity? For the dermatologist assistant, “Excessive sweating shouldn’t always lead to shampooing, unless there’s a growth of bacteria or a foul odor.” However, it costs nothing to rinse your hair with water, if this is more in line with your habits and principles.

The most important thing for Anthony Rossi is not to leave with prejudices. “Some believe that if they don’t wash their hair every day, it will be greasy. But they have to give themselves a chance, and over time they will see that they were wrong to think so.he says.

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