Midterms 2022: these fashion and beauty brands calling to vote

Midterms 2022: these fashion and beauty brands calling to vote

(ETX Daily Up) – Highlighting the challenges posed by the mid-term elections in the United States, many fashion and cosmetics brands are also campaigning… Not for a candidate or a party, but for recall the importance of voting, making your voice heard, to elect the leaders who will shape the future of the country, and expressing yourself directly on many social issues, including firearms or the right to abortion. From Lush to Levi’s, brands are fully involved in these Midterms 2022.

Last straight line for the Midterms! Organized two years after the 2020 presidential election, these mid-term elections aim to renew the House of Representatives, as well as part of the Senate, elect local elected officials who will influence many societal issues, and express themselves on a hundreds of referendums on subjects as diverse as the right to abortion, the ban on assault rifles, the legalization of cannabis, and many issues related to the climate emergency. So many points which bear witness to the importance of these elections, and which will not have escaped the notice of two industries, fashion and cosmetics, which are today committed to informing Americans about the challenges of the Midterms, and about the need to vote, to make your voice heard.

Fashion invites itself into politics

The political power of clothing no longer needs to be proven. The choice of a color, a pattern, or a part, often says a lot about the intention of the person who wears it, not to mention the brands’ commitment to certain battles, as we have we could see it with the Black Lives Matter movement, or more recently with the support given by many creators to Ukraine. On the occasion of the mid-term elections in the United States, brands are getting involved again, but this time it is not a question of taking sides, simply of reminding Americans of the importance of voting. Something that several fashion and beauty actors have been doing for several days through free educational guides, messages broadcast on social networks, and awareness-raising actions.

The Levi’s brand did not hesitate to call on a host of stars, including Hailey Baldwin and Natalia Bryant, to encourage Americans to make their voices heard during these midterm elections, through a campaign broadcast on the social networks. Actors, models, and activists take turns to talk about their stories, talk about the motivations that drive them to vote, and remind people of the importance of going to the polls. A campaign that comes in videos and photos, and which links to the brand’s website where voters can find information on the Midterms, prepare for D-Day – and buy a T-shirt stamped with the word “Vote to show their democratic commitment.

Focused on inclusiveness, and on the social issues that will punctuate – in part – these mid-term elections, the campaign features several personalities who speak directly about the reasons that encourage them to go to the polls. “I’m going to vote this year and make sure my voice is heard,” says model and activist Quannah Chasinghorse. “I vote to protect my community and achieve equal rights,” says Jeremy Lee Stone. “I am lucky to be able to have a say in the future of my country”, encourages Nico Hiraga, while Hailey Baldwin recalls the issues for women’s rights: “Women’s rights feature prominently on my Your vote for state attorney general is an effective way to protect your rights in areas such as women’s health and free speech.”

Crucial social issues

Levi’s is not the only brand committed to these midterm elections. In the cosmetics sector, it is Lush, which left some social networks almost a year ago, which stands out with a most complete practical online guide. At stake ? A wealth of information to help those who wish to go to the polls, but also a mine of information on the major subjects which will be defended – or not – by the future representatives and elected officials who will be chosen by the Americans. The mark provides explanations on the stakes of this vote, on the ballots (it is not only a question of choosing a representative, a senator and/or a governor, but also of answering referendums), and on the right to vote.

Known for its many commitments, particularly towards communities and the environment, the Lush brand goes even further by recalling that this vote is also intended to “protect [les] freedoms”. Once again, it is a question of recalling the stakes inherent in these Midterms. “You have the possibility of electing representatives who will defend what is most important to you and to vote on initiatives which will shape the community where you live”, can we read on the brand’s website, which has devoted an entire section to these elections. Finally, Lush highlights some crucial issues that are at the center of these elections, namely the right to abortion, freedom of movement, the climate emergency, gun control, or even animal welfare.

It should be noted that other brands, such as Kenneth Cole, Benefit Cosmetics, or Mother Denim, to name but a few, have also committed to this campaign through clothing, guides, and other awareness-raising actions. , to remind the importance of going to the polls. The results, which could drag on in the event of an appeal, are currently expected on November 9 in France.

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