Shades that will age + tips for nail care

nail polish color to avoid after 50 years home nail care nourish the cuticles

After the fifties, finding your style becomes more and more difficult. With the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, women find it difficult to choose the right colors to reduce these annoying phenomena. This is particularly the case with the 50-year-old woman’s manicure, the choice of which requires more special attention. And if you too want to adopt a fashionable nail art that sublimates your hands and erases imperfections, you have come to the right place. Today, I reveal to you the color of varnish to avoid after 50 years, as well as shades to privilege. As a bonus, I give you some good advice to take better care of your hands at 50.

nail polish color to avoid after 50 years home nail care nourish the cuticles

How to take care of your hands at 50?

Before revealing the color of varnish to avoid after 50 years, it is important first of all to examine some good gestures allowing to better take care of the skin of the hands. Why exactly? So, with age, the hands become increasingly dry, the cuticles are therefore more visible and cracks may even appear. An unpleasant landscape that can totally ruin your new manicure. Here is why, the home nail care are absolutely in order!

In this case, good hydration is the key treatment and with good reason. Incorporate nourishing balm into your daily routine, morning and evening, and apply all over hands, including cuticles. Indeed, the latter require more care and the use of a special cuticle oil. Here, two options are available to you: either buy one in cosmetic shops, or opt for a 100% natural product such as argan oil. Just put a drop on unvarnished nails and massage. Your manicurist will thank you. Also, remember to wear gloves to protect your hands and nails during manual work.

beauty tip : Best to keep your nails short and squoval in shape – a combination that flatters all fingers and helps keep the look youthful.

nail polish color to avoid after 50 years old manicures for women over 50

What nail polish color should you avoid after 50?

Why should you avoid wearing certain colors on your nails after your 50s? As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the skin tends to get thinner with age. As a result, the veins become more apparent, spots appear and fine lines appear. Choosing the right shade helps lessen the appearance of the aforementioned factors and enhance the hands. On the other hand, the wrong color will only highlight them and your hands will look older. Here is an overview of the shades to ban below:

  • Experts advise against the use of blue and green varnishes. These are cool shades that tend to bring out age spots and make the veins on the hands more visible.
  • To avoid highlighting the dryness of the hands (SOS hydration!), forget the yellow color.
  • the purple is also a varnish color to avoid after 50 years since it enhances brown spots and fine lines.
  • the black : It is in fact THE color to urgently avoid after 50 years! Black tends to age hands and accentuate dark spots caused by exposure to UV rays.

nail polish color to avoid after 50 years old star shades to favor woman manicure 50 years old

Woman manicure 50 years old: What color of nail polish for me?

Now that you already know which color of nail polish to avoid after 50 years, I reveal to you the 3 star shades to favor to sublimate and give a boost to your hands. At the end of the day, it’s better to accentuate natural beauty than to try to camouflage it.

Neutral colors : Looking for a polish color to go with everything? Good news: a whole range is available to you! The many shades in the neutral palette flatter all skin types and ages. My favorite ? Admittedly, the nude nail art best suited for fair skin. Ladies with dark skin tones, stock up on taupe and warm caramel.

The orange red : A bit bolder, yet bright and warm, this shade promises to instantly illuminate hands. It’s also a fall 2022 nail color to wear with your eyes closed.

The metallic finish : Audacious and present on fashion shows, this finish beautifully illuminates the hands and rejuvenates the look. Twist your classic manicure by betting on a pose on a single nail.

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