The best beauty products in May 2022

The best beauty products in May 2022


My luxury interlude: the Dr Burgener Switzerland Haute Couture facial treatment at Spa George V

Forget everything you know about the beauty salon. Testing the Haute Couture Dr Burgener protocol at Spa George V is the ultimate experience of self-care. On the one hand, the luxury and refinement of one of the most beautiful spas in Paris (swimming pool 17 meters long, fitness area, hammam and lounge, 6 treatment cabins, hairdressing salon), on the other, the dermatological expertise of a brand specializing in skin aging which has made ultra personalization of skincare its credo.

The Haute Couture Dr Burgener Switzerland protocol, designed by Pauline Burgener, Doctor of Biology and founder of the brand, is a comprehensive treatment that combines a skin analysis, a personalized cabin treatment and a 3-month follow-up with a tailor-made beauty prescription. at stake.

It all starts with a 45-minute individual consultation performed by a spa therapist (Angelica, with more than 20 years of experience, is one of two practitioners trained in the Burgener method, practiced in two exceptional places in France, the Spa George V in Paris and the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat on the Côte d’Azur). Several factors are evaluated directly using a machine that measures the level of hydration, lipids, texture, pigmentation, aging and cell renewal of the skin. A hair sample, taken during the consultation, is used to analyze the levels of minerals, trace elements and heavy metals in the body.

The analyzes are then sent to the B-mediC aesthetic medicine clinic in Lausanne and studied by professionals in biology, regenerative medicine and aesthetic medicine. Together, they draw up your “skin passport” and design ultra-personalized cosmetic treatments and dietary supplements that target “in and out” problems to bring the skin back to its point of balance and best support it in its natural process. of aging. “I don’t like to talk about anti-aging, it makes no sense; I prefer the concept of better-aging, or the idea of ​​aging gracefully,” Pauline Burgener tells us.

In the cabin, the 120-minute treatment is also adapted to the needs of the skin detected by the therapist during the analysis (mine, thin and sensitive, lack of lipids and elasticity). The practitioner begins with a proper make-up removal (milk and Burgener Siwtzerland floral water). This is followed by an ultrasound peel adapted to the most reactive skin, then a mask with collagen and hyaluronic acid worked by a massage that combines manual technique and radiofrequency.

The session ends with the application of the Regenerating Gold Mask based on micronized gold pearls, polyphenols and vitamin B, followed by a lotion and a few drops of nourishing serum. To the output, the skin is incredibly smooth and plump. The complexion, luminous and homogeneous, seems to have been Photoshopped, and all this without an ounce of makeup. It will take us a few minutes, in the cozy comfort of the lounge, to reconnect with reality. Bluffing.

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