The Sainte-Anne chapel is getting a real makeover in Saint-Tropez

The Sainte-Anne chapel is getting a real makeover in Saint-Tropez

With two breathtaking sea views, on one side over the Gulf and on the other over Ramatuelle, the Sainte-Anne chapel, built from 1618 for around ten years and listed as a historical monument since December 1981 (the site was in 1932), is an essential landmark in the life of Saint-Tropez. Especially during the Bravade. It is also, a few minutes from the center and the Route des Plages, a popular stopover for visitors who can take advantage of a small car park and a peaceful stopover. The work undertaken in September 2021 and ending in the spring of 2024 provides, after consultation between the City, the State, the parish and the Friends of Bravade, a complete restoration, interior and exterior, as well as of the surroundings.

It will then be open to the public, free of charge, from May to October, with the presence of a heritage agent. This opening will allow a better discovery of the building dedicated to the patron saint of seafarers and which notably houses ex-votos (about a hundred listed) telling the story of the city.

1 By Easter 2023, the second tranche will enable the restoration of the exterior facades (€184,944 including tax) which are in great need of it. The tribute plaques will be reinstalled (one is damaged) and the 17th century building will thus regain all its brilliance. The health report carried out in May 2016 had proven the need to redo the exterior coatings, the waterproofing of the roof and to redo the interior coatings, “altered by upwelling and infiltration of water “. At the same time, the interior was emptied and scaffolding installed to purge the plaster covering the painted decorations (54,574e including tax).

2 The altarpiece is listed but it does not depend on the same direction for the allocation of a subsidy, to the Ministry of Culture. A meeting will therefore be organized for the catering protocol. It will also be a question of defining the appearance of the vault where a layer of white plaster hides more colorful patterns…

3 The site visit a few days ago was carried out with the assistants Michel Perrault (culture) and Claude Hautefeuille (works), the adviser Joëlle Gibert, the Cepoun Serge Astézan, the father Jean-Paul Gouarin, the heritage architect Anne Leroux and restaurateur Carole Sanchez (Sele company).

4The objective of reopening for Easter 2024 will be after the last phase of interior fittings involving the reinstallation of the paintings and furniture, as well as the hundred or so classified ex-votos. A scenographer will be contacted to study the best layout, in conjunction with the parish and the Friends of Bravado.

5 The first installment, from September 2021 to Easter 2022, made it possible to take over the roofs and outdoor spaces (low walls, cobblestone, pinnacle), for an initial amount of €730,000 excluding tax (additional cost of €110,821 for unplanned work). A graffiti in front of the gate was committed a week after the end. Hence the idea of ​​installing a surveillance camera.


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