Which foot rasps to choose to remove dead skin?

Which foot rasps to choose to remove dead skin?

The skin on the feet can become rough and rough. It is quite possible to remedy this and regain supple skin by using a foot rasp. Check out our selection of the best foot rasps on Amazon.

Why use a foot rasp?

Calluses are characterized by rough skin. They appear on the toes, soles and heels. They are due to repeated friction with shoes and excessive compression of the skin while walking. Indeed, these frictions and compressions stimulate the production of keratin. This results in hyperkeratosis causing thickening of the horns of the feet.

Calluses, calluses, and corns most often appear in women (who often wear narrow, high-heeled shoes), athletes, the elderly, and people with foot or toe deformities. Initially painless, the calluses become increasingly hard and crack to form crevices. They should be treated as soon as possible to avoid reaching this stage.

It is recommended to moisturize the feet daily and remove dead skin to keep the skin supple. Rasps are effective for removing dead skin at home.

How to use a foot rasp?

For the grater to be effective without damaging the skin, start by preparing your feet. To do this, clean them thoroughly, then dry with a towel.

Then choose the rasp head according to the roughness of your skin. This is possible with grater models that have several rollers.

Pass the grater over the area to be treated, exerting light pressure. Stay about 10 seconds on an area before moving the grater. Do not apply too much pressure to avoid injury.

Make a foot bath, rinse, dry, then apply a moisturizer. The appliance must be cleaned after use before storing.

Our pick: exfoliating roller for soft, supple skin

Does the skin on your feet tend to thicken? We suggest you use this Scholl Velvet Smooth grater to remedy. This roller eliminates hard skin and prevents the appearance of calluses and corns. Its use ensures that the skin is soft and supple.

To do this, this grater has several interchangeable rollers providing care suitable for all skin types. It works with four AA batteries included in the pack and has two speed levels. Don’t wait for hard skin to become sore to take matters into your own hands. Take care of your feet daily to preserve the suppleness of your skin.

Cordless electric foot rasp

Are you looking for a solution to take care of your feet? We recommend this MYCARBON brand electric foot rasp. It benefits from wireless contact charging technology and has a 2 hour battery life.

Waterproof, this device allows you to take care of your feet at all times, including in the shower. This grater has two speeds and three interchangeable rollers. The rollers can rotate 360°, thus facilitating access to all areas of the foot. This device will automatically stop if you apply too much pressure to prevent injury. In addition, it is easy to use and has an ergonomic design.

Foot grater with sea crystal rollers

Thick skin is not only unpleasant to look at and to touch. It can become painful. If you suffer from dry skin and calluses on your feet, we advise you to use this Own Harmony electric grater. It has three rollers with sea crystals to effectively remove dead skin. It guarantees a gentle exfoliation of hard, dry, cracked, thick and rough skin without irritating the skin and without pain. The curved convex rollers rotating 360° allow access to all areas of the foot without problems. Lightweight and ergonomic, you can take it on the go to continue taking care of your feet. This device works with a built-in rechargeable battery with a lifespan of over 750 hours.

Foot rasp with five interchangeable rollers

Want to take care of your feet without making an appointment with the beautician? We suggest you buy this Essy brand electric grater. This device will allow you to keep the skin of your feet soft, smooth and silky. This electric sander has three types of rollers: a fine exfoliating roller to remove thin layers of dead skin, a medium roller for thicker skin and a coarse roller to remove calluses and calluses.

Ergonomic, this grater is also easy to use and has two speed levels. It also incorporates a light to help you clearly see the areas you are treating. This device comes with a head cover, three types of rollers, a USB charging cable, a brush for cleaning and a user manual.

Waterproof foot rasp with LCD display

We present to you this ROVLAK brand foot rasp. This device is effective in removing the thickest and stubborn dead skin thanks to its different heads. It comes with a coarse roller for removing dead skin and calluses and a fine grit roller for daily foot skin care. This grater has a built-in vacuum that absorbs dead skin during use. Dead skin residue is collected in an easy-to-remove integrated tray. You just need to press a button to remove it. Waterproof, this device can be used in the shower. The LED digital display lets you know the remaining battery power. This grater can work for 150 minutes after a full charge of about 2 hours.

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