5 beauty treasures from our regions – Beauty

5 beauty treasures from our regions - Beauty

Our land is very rich. So many local active ingredients to favor in our beauty products made in France! We show you the best ones. With, as a bonus, unparalleled know-how.

The plants of our countryside

Flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, buds… have always been the basis of our pharmacopoeia and our beauty rituals. Back to basics to give a more important place to plants, so concentrated in protective vitamins, regenerating trace elements, plumping lipids and other hydrating treasures. And, as long as we do, we favor plants that have grown in our beautiful French regions.

Our tip : pick before autumn to make your beauty infusions of the year, by drying the plants upside down or on racks: thyme to cleanse, sebum-regulating nettle, the last roses of the season with properties anti wrinkle…

The salt of our shores

Exfoliating, remineralizing, purifying, salt from the Mediterranean or the Atlantic is a key asset in all our beauty rituals. It also has a benefit for the galenic of products and thus enters into the composition of many shampoos and toothpastes, playing a thickening role, which facilitates application. Everything counts in the success of a beauty product.

Our tip : with the gradual drop in temperatures, we rediscover the pleasure of bathing. This is an opportunity to enhance it with relaxing or energizing salts, depending on the indication. We like the little extra scent that increases the magic of the moment.

Algae in our aquatic environments

The biodiversity of our marine environments or the rivers of France is infinite and the algae, which come from it, have established themselves as the new stars of our cosmetics. The brown ones are very hydrating, the more amber ones are firming, as for the freshwater spirulina, it is relaxing and nourishing. And because they are made up of an extracellular matrix similar to ours, the symbiosis is optimal with our own cells for doubled efficiency.

Our tip : you can buy dehydrated algae, such as spirulina powder, to offer a real makeover to the hair shaft. Mix 2 tbsp. with a briquette of coconut cream and 1 tbsp. castor oil. Apply to hair and leave on for an hour before shampooing.

The clay of our territories

Green, white, pink, red or yellow, the clay extracted from our soils is overpowering. This sedimentary earthy rock is a raw ingredient, to be found in many cosmetics or to be used alone to make homemade preparations: green (illite or montmorillonite) to regulate excess sebum, white (or kaolin) to gain comfort , yellow (illite type, loaded with iron oxide and magnesia) to soothe, or red (illite more concentrated in iron oxide) to revive the radiance of dull skin and tired hair.

Our tip: clay treatments can be used as a one-off treatment for a purifying, soothing effect and a boost of radiance.

The thermal waters of the depths

Enriched with precious minerals coming from the depths of the earth, from the soil or flowing from the rocks, the thermal waters are wonderfully soothing. If the specific cures – carried out in Avène in the Hérault, La Roche-Posay in the Vienne, Jonzac in the Charente, Vichy in the Allier… – ensure a deep action, these beneficial waters are also invited in many beauty products. to enjoy it every day.

Our tip : a spray of thermal spring water, before a make-up touch-up, is ideal for boosting the radiance of pigments.


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