8 tips to pay less at the hairdresser

8 tips to pay less at the hairdresser

No one escapes the hairdresser, and yet the prices are sometimes off-putting. Here are 8 tips to lower the bill.

With services ranging up to several hundred euros, the hairdresser can weigh heavily in the beauty budget. But there is no question of abandoning her hair. Loyalty card, off-peak hours, smart haircuts… Here are some tips for saving money on your next appointment.

1. Make an appointment during off-peak hours

The app Kiute allows you to book a hairdressing service at a low price, depending on the schedule. Haircut, highlighting, coloring or even brushing may be charged up to 50% cheaper. The only requirement? Come in the middle of the afternoon or in the morning, during the off-peak hours of the hairdressing salon. The site also offers to fill last minute slots. More than 10,000 hairdressers play the game in cities like Paris, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Toulouse, etc.

2. Be a model for a hairdressing school

There are dozens of hairdressing schools that regularly seek models to train students. The principle is simple: quasi-professionals get their hands dirty and the service is at a reduced price, or even free in some cases. And no risk of ending up with the ball at zero because the trainers are never far away to help and advise.

3. Apply for a loyalty card

Here is an advantage that we often forget! And yet, the loyalty card at the hairdresser is more than interesting. After a certain number of visits, it is possible to benefit from a reduction or a treatment offered. There are no more excuses for leaving it lying around at the bottom of the wallet!

4. Refuse to do additional care

It’s already happened to all of us: we accept hair care at the baccalaureate and when it’s time to pay, it’s a surprise! The bill is more inflated than we thought. To save a few tens of euros, we do not hesitate to say no. And this despite the “Are you sure? Your hair could do with it!” of the hairdresser.

5. Go to a low-cost hair salon

They are called Tchip, Vog, Self Coiff or Fun Look and they offer unbeatable prices. Contrary to what one might think, going to a low-cost hair salon does not mean going out with a bad haircut. The low prices are often explained by the absence of advice, the location or even the reception without an appointment. Best to go there for simple benefits as to cut its tips and keep important hair transformations for experts in the field (colorist, hairdresser, hairdresser, etc.).

6. Make the right cut choice

Some haircuts require more maintenance than others. In order not to return to the hairdresser every four mornings, we bet on a haircut where regrowth is not bothersome, nor binding. And you also need a good home maintenance to return to the hairdresser as little as possible!

7. Ask for a dry cut

No more shampoo and superfluous care, we move on to dry cutting! The idea? Pay only the cut and nothing else. This is by far the best option for wavy or curly hair. This way the hairdresser can see how the hair sits during the cut and adapt.

8. Opt for a hairdresser at home

One of the ways to reduce your hairdressing budget is to call on a hairdresser at home. Especially since since the health crisis, the number of professionals who have set up on their own has exploded. It usually comes back 30% cheaper than in salon since there are no fixed costs. In addition to being economical, it is a faster and more practical solution!

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