9 treatments to lift droopy eyelids without going through surgery

9 treatments to lift droopy eyelids without going through surgery

If the problem of droopy eyelids can occur at any age (it is often a hereditary factor) and vary according to one’s lifestyle (lack of sleep, stress, poor diet, etc.), the effect is always accentuated with time, even with botox injections in the forehead. The skin of eye contour, being particularly fine, suffers the full brunt of the effects of sagging skin. This area is all the more fragile as the muscle responsible for blinking is also the one we use the most during the day! The upper eyelids can then distend, giving a tired look, and even cause, in extreme cases, ocular discomfort.

Even if the real solution to this problem remains blepharoplasty (a surgical procedure that opens and refreshes the eyes), it is now possible to reduce the phenomenon with lifting treatments, to be applied daily to the area concerned. …Here are the most effective of them.

9 treatments against droopy eyelids

Garancia’s Ghost Tears

No wonder this treatment is a reference of its kind: the well-known “ghost tears” of Garancia contain a cocktail composed of ingredients of 90% natural origin that will help fight against the appearance of wrinklesbags and dark circles while tightening, day after day, the eyelids.

Garancia – Ghost Tears

Freshly Cosmetics Hyper-Concentrate Eye Contour Serum

Like all care Freshly Cosmeticsthis anti-aging eye contour and eyelid serum contains a maximum of ingredients of natural origin (in this case, 99.9%): horse chestnut and hyaluronic acid vegan for their firming action, a darutoside complex which improves the elasticity of the skin, or a concentrate of white flowers which fights against droopy eyelids.

Freshly Cosmetics – Hyper-Concentrate Eye Contour Serum

35 €€26.25

Freshly Cosmetics

The Lierac Integral Lift

Inspired by the aesthetic techniques of lifting and injection, this serum with a clever tip contains at the heart of its formula extracts of mahogany and purple tulip which act not only on droopy eyelids but also on puffiness and dark circles.

SkinLabo eyelid lift effect serum

Specially dedicated to skin lacking elasticity, this serum draws its benefits from a super-hydrating cocktail composed ofhyaluronic acidalgin and pullulan, which penetrates deeply to stretch the eyelids.

SkinLabo – Eyelid lift effect serum

Remescar droopy eyelid treatment

This treatment with bluffing effects promises visible results after a single application for an effectiveness lasting 10 hours. At the heart of its formula, a phytoactive complex that strengthens and lifts the eyelids in record time. For optimal use, however, it is recommended to first apply a dedicated moisturizer for the eyes.

Remescar – Droopy eyelid care

Sothy’s eyelid lifting serum

Inside this serum, γ-aminobutyric acid and a biomimetic second skin film that protect the skin from external aggressions. Day after day, the look seems to look younger while the eyelids gradually regain their firmness.

Sothy’s – Eyelid lifting serum

Korres Black Pine 360° Lifting Eye Super Serum

It fights against sagging eyelids, dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness at the same time… This firming serum combines whiplash actions for a radiant and lifted look. All this, thanks to the combination of Hexapeptide-11 (a natural peptide that activates collagen and elastin present in the skin) and black pine extract, which durably firms the skin.

Korres – Super Lifting Eye Serum 360° Black Pine



La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 serum

The alliance of a duo of hyaluronic acids and vitamin B5 to durably plump up the skin, hydrate it deeply and firm the skin around the eyes.

La Roche-Posay – Hyalu B5 Serum

Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum

Suitable for even the most sensitive eyes, this serum owes its firming action to sodium hyaluronate – a moisturizing agent -, to plant extracts which restore the elasticity of the skin around the eye contour and the eyelid as well as to minerals illuminators eye-catching.

Kiehl’s – Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum

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