Here are the top 8 hair looks to follow closely for the new season

Here are the top 8 hair looks to follow closely for the new season

Summer is over, fall is almost over and winter is fast approaching. It is therefore high time to discover the 6 top hair trends for fall winter 2023! It is true that we tend to take better care of ourselves in winter, when we spend more time indoors. What better then to think about her look and her hair just before the new 2023? It is for this reason that we invite you to discover the new hair trends revealed by the hairdressing pros:

Fall Winter 2023 Hair Trends: Retro Short Haircut

hair trends fall winter 2023 retro short haircut

Let’s start with the first of the top fall winter 2023 hair trends! If you’ve been itching to try a short haircut, but at the same time worried about missing your long hair, the retro haircut is arguably the best of both worlds.

The look has plenty of variations and it’s easy to find the length that will go well with your face shape, hair texture and personality. The retro short haircut is very easy to maintain and especially if your hair is naturally wavy. This is a super cool 60s inspired look to try out!

Fall winter 2023 hair color trends: Candlelit Brunette

hair trends fall winter 2023 brown hair color

Candlelit Brunette hair color will be among the biggest fall winter 2023 hair trends when it comes to hair color. This shade is special in creating a highly reflective dimensional finish. As if you had slightly lightened hair!

This trend actually spans several different hair colors: dark blonde, light brown, or even rich brown. Highlights in butterscotch, chocolate, sand and bronze shades are added to your hair and create a very illuminating glossy and multi-dimensional look.

Hair trends fall winter 2023: Red shades

hair trends fall winter 2023 red hair color

Here is another trendy color for winter 2023: red shades. And yes, redhead will always be in fashion! For winter, think of the abundant and warm red shades that evoke cozy feelings: just what we need right now!

Plus, red is a super versatile shade and it can easily be customized to suit your skin tone. Rich cinnamon or warm ginger or vibrant paprika – there’s a shade of red for everyone!

Brikrin bangs

trendy bangs winter 2023 birkin bangs

The fringe remains one of the biggest fall winter 2023 hair trends, but this winter we opt instead for the Birkin bangs fringe. It is long and feathery bangs and very flattering. Opt for thick locks in the front and longer on the sides to create a very beautiful and versatile look. This bangs can be styled in different ways and also easily tied up when you tie your hair back.

square bob cut

winter modern square bob cut

For more than five years now, the square bob has become a real pillar in terms of hair trends. And that won’t change this winter 2023! If you’ve never worn a bob, the cold season is probably the best time to do it. It doesn’t matter if you want a shorter, longer, smooth or textured bob, the choices are really numerous and you will be super chic and elegant!

Butterfly Haircut

trendy winter butterfly haircut

In case you’re more into long hair, the Butterfly cut is also a top fall winter 2023 hair trend. It’s a modern take on the classic shag cut and Rachel cut that we’ve loved for ages. years.

This trendy haircut is defined by the butterfly locks or the shorter locks framing the face. These locks hit the chin and blend with the longer locks that hit the shoulders or even lower. It’s a cut that suits everyone, regardless of face shape and hair type. And makes the hair super voluminous!

Hair part to the side

hairstyle hair trend winter 2023 hailey bieber

We forgot a bit about the side parting, but this hair trend is back for the winter 2023 season! The pronounced side parting is something you’ll see everywhere this season. You can combine with a sleek sleek hairstyle to emphasize the parting. Get inspired by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid or follow the fashion shows where this style is often seen.

Smooth bun low on the head

fashion hairstyle woman chignin woman

The bun looks good on everyone! It doesn’t matter if you have an oval or heart-shaped, round or thin face, the bun just like the low ponytail is a look that will suit you perfectly! It can be an elegant hairstyle or on the contrary everyday, it is classic and trendy at the same time!

For a modern approach, twist your hair back and secure with a metal hair clip, keeping the hair slightly dishevelled. Or use gel for a super sleek wet hair look. If you like hair accessories, combine this hairstyle with a silk scarf!

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