Kate Middleton can no longer do without this natural anti-aging treatment

Kate Middleton can no longer do without this natural anti-aging treatment

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To have beautiful skin, Kate Middleton relies on a few well-chosen beauty products, including a powerful natural anti-aging treatment that you can find for less than 15 euros.

Always very prepared for her official releases, Kate Middleton is blessed with radiant skin on all occasions. And to see her most natural makeup, it’s not thanks to a thick layer of foundation. At 40 now, the Duchess of Cornwall seems untouched by the effects of time. It always displays a too nice skin texture only when he met Prince William thanks to a few care from which she no longer separates.

Of the beauty secretsnot so well guarded as that, since the name of his favorite anti-aging treatment was unveiled by the American magazine US Weekly. It is a vegetable oil that she has been using since her second pregnancy and which is none other than Trilogy brand rosehip oil. The very good news is that this product is easily found on the internet for a little less than 15 euros only.

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Kate Middleton’s favorite anti-aging product

Certified organic, Trilogy’s rosehip oil is an ideal vegetable oil for skin application, especially on the face, because this certification guarantees a chemical-free formula. The Duchess of Cornwall has therefore chosen her anti-aging oil well, she who is very careful about what she applies to her skin.

The benefits of rosehip oil on the skin

Derived from the Muscat rosebush, this anti-aging vegetable oil is full of benefits for the skin. Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 and essential fatty acids, it is perfect for intensely nourishing dry skin in search of comfort and boosting its radiance. Packed with antioxidants that fight against the free radicals responsible for wrinkles, it delays their appearance and skin aging in general. We understand better how Prince William’s wife displays such smooth and naturally plumped skin!

Concentrated in vitamin A, it also makes the skin supple and more elastic. In addition to this, it has soothing and healing properties that allow it to calm irritated skin and repair damaged ones. What to avoid redness and small scars on the face. It is therefore an anti-aging treatment that has it all!


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