“Ndiaye is Air Senegal! »

“Ndiaye is Air Senegal!  »

At 31, Thomas Cornely discovers the elite of French basketball like his Blois team where he has been playing since 2014. A promoted, winner of his first four matches in his history in Betclic Elite including a success against the French champion Villeurbanne, whom the native of Saint-Jean-de-Braye, in Loiret (like his number 45), presents us. Interview conducted with our colleagues from France Basket.

The most roomy

“It’s teased a lot, especially us French people, on clothes or when one misses something, we remind him when we played against him, but I would say Tim Vergiat. The one who takes the most is Brice Dessert! He’s the little young man, tall, who comes from Rouen… There’s a lot to say (laughs). »

The most gifted

“Tyren Johnson. He’s the one with the most talent. He has this ability to be able to create his own shots. He has great self-confidence. He never doubts. The mind is very important in sport. »

The most promising

“I see two, Brice Dessert and Mbaye Ndiaye, in two different styles. If they continue, we will see them even higher. Euroleague or NBA, why not. They have above average physical abilities. They must continue to work on their flaws. If they pass a course at the basketball level, it will open doors for them. »

The most pro

“Jaime Smith. He had a big injury last year, the crusaders, so he pays attention to a lot of things. He spends a lot of time stretching, taking care of his body before and after each session. »

The most fishy

“(laughs) Brice Dessert in relation to his course. He comes out of INSEP where he didn’t win a match, he goes to Rouen where it was complicated… He comes to us, he’s a little injured… We teased him at the start of the season, telling him that we hoped he hadn’t come to Blois to jinx us! »

Most signed autographs

“I think it’s me. I’ve been at the club for a long time (2014, Editor’s note). People identify as with Tyren (who started his 6th season at the club, Editor’s note). Besides, I’m French, from the area, from Orleans. People ask me more and more for photos and autographs. »

Most successful with girls

“Mbaye Ndiaye is doing well… (laughs) Brice too, but Mbaye is on pole. »

“I have a lot of rituals on match days”

The most superstitious

” Me ! I have lots of rituals on match days. I always wear the same underwear, I always take my shower a certain way, I always say the same thing before leaving to my dog, to my children, I have to put on the right sock before the left , I always eat the same thing, I always take a bath the night before a home game…”

The most fashionable

“Keandre Cook. He takes care of himself, he always has different pairs of shoes. The least fashion, I would say Djordje (Gagic). »

The most talkative

“Djordje. He talks all the time, he always has something to say. »

The most polyglot

“Jaime Smith has played in seven countries. He’s trying to learn French and he’s doing pretty well. Mbaye is not bad too, he speaks Wolof, English and French. »

The most geeky

” It’s me. Every day, I need my little time at the console in the evening, on Call of Duty and Warzone. In terms of social networks, Tyren Johnson is number 1. He does podcasts, vlogs, etc. »

The biggest relaxation

“Mbaye Ndiaye. It’s a plane! It’s not called Air Senegal for nothing. »

The most yelled at by the coach

“Brice! It’s normal and it has to go through it. »

The funniest

“We all have our own style of humor. We are a team that gets along very well. We all play the same game together on our phones. It talks and it is teased a lot. »

The most discreet

“Jaime Smith. We can talk, but he’s quite reserved. He is in his thing. »

The most cultured

“Djorje, the Serb. He is interested in a lot of things, war, etc. »

The worst loser

“Tim Vergiat is a little hater. Paul Rigot too, he doesn’t like to lose, but he shows it less. »

The latest

“Keandre Cook. Not too much in the room, but more outside to take the bus or at mealtimes for example. There’s no

cash for fines. We are stair towers. One minute is half a room turn and two minutes is a full turn. »

The greediest

“Djordje. He likes everything that is not good! Good wine, good cheese, bacon, pork…”

The most tattooed

“Often we have Americans who are tattooed all over their bodies, this is not the case. So I will say me. I have it on my chest,

wrist, forearm, back, scriptures about my children and what happened to me when I was younger. »

The most music lover

“Tyren makes Beats, songs, melodies on his pc. »

Most passionate about another area

“The Americans Tyren, Jaime and Keandre are very American football. They are often on their phones watching the matches. Djordje loves coffee. It’s cofee cofee cofee all the time!

I was in motorcycle mechanics when I was younger so I love motorcycles even if with the contracts we don’t have the right. »

weirdest nickname

“The one from Brice Dessert that we transformed. Normally it’s Big De and it’s become Big Dick. He doesn’t want to be called that, but it stuck. The coach likes to call him Paul Rigot Paul the funny. I’m Cocor. »

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