Nu skin, the connected cosmetics brand

Nu skin, the connected cosmetics brand

Founded in the United States over thirty years ago, Nu Skin has grown over the years to become a key player in cosmetics and well-being. Today, the brand shines in around 50 countries, combining the best of science and innovation. Laure Frère, head of corporate communication answers our questions.

What sets Nu Skin apart?

Since its inception, Nu Skin has been guided by a very strong and rigorous scientific approach, in order to offer quality and highly effective products. Our team of researchers is made up of approximately 75 scientists located in our laboratories and research centers based in the United States and China.

Nu Skin is also a company that innovates every day, in its products as well as in the experiences we offer our customers: today Nu Skin is projecting itself into the digital universe of tomorrow, with the Internet of Things (or Internet of Things (IoT)) for example, today connectivity is more mainstream than ever, allowing you to do more, faster, easier and smarter.

Our leading product, the ageLOC LumiSpa, facial cleansing devicebecomes LumiSpa iO now equipped with Bluetooth, which allows it to connect an application called Nu Skin Vera on your phone.

What is it exactly?

This technology opens up a whole new world of integrated beauty possibilities and experiences. And that’s what makes your ageLOC LumiSpa iO so smart. The device’s built-in sensors detect, for example, when it’s time to replace the silicone cleaning head or when you apply too much pressure during your treatment. You can also save your custom routines to the device and the Nu Skin Vera™ app. This is a true optimization of skin beautification.

With the “Selfie Timeline”, you can watch your skin’s progress over time: quick results from a week or a month to the next, and even on a daily basis. We’ve set up reminders that let you know when it’s time to order a new cleansing gel so you don’t run out.

You can even monitor your weekly usage trends and information to help you complete your beauty treatments. More generally, ageLOC Lumispa iO, ageLOC Galvanic Spa, ageLOC Boost, etc. associated with their complementary cosmetic product help to cleanse the skin in depth, or also offer many other anti-aging benefits, worthy of institute treatments.

Nu Skin has just been named for the fifth consecutive year, N°1 brand of beauty device systems* by Euromonitor, a reference company in terms of market research.

What are your other flagship ranges?

We have developed a younger range, called Nutricentials, which relies on the strength of bio-adaptive ingredients. These products help the skin better cope with environmental stress, such as pollution, sun exposure, blue light, etc. This range includes 16 treatments suitable for all skin types, for a complete and personalized care routine.

Nu Skin has also developed a range based on ethnobotany, or the study of plants and their use by humans, called Epoch. This range is inspired by the indigenous cultures of North and South America, Africa and Asia. Designed in collaboration with renowned ethnobotanist Dr. Paul Cox, these products draw their benefits from natural ingredients, such as baobab fruit. In addition, for every Epoch product sold, Nu Skin donates 25 cents to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation. It is a non-profit organization intended to support humanitarian projects across the planet. Since its launch in 1998, several million dollars have been collected and donated.

What types of humanitarian projects are these?

This NGO is closely linked to the desire of the three founders of the brand to improve people’s lives, their daily lives and their well-being, especially that of children. Thus, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation has been involved in Malawi, among other places, for a long time, to support populations suffering from malnutrition. The NGO finances, for example, the SAFI or School of Agriculture for Family Independence, i.e. the school of agriculture for the independence of families, which focuses on learning agricultural techniques and sustainable irrigation, so that local populations gain autonomy. It also supports a project called Well of Hope (or Puits de l’Espoir) for the drilling of wells.

These humanitarian projects are being developed in a total of fifty countries, particularly in Europe. Since 2020, Nu Skin has been a partner of the ELA association or the European association against leukodystrophies, which is committed to the fight against these orphan genetic diseases. We have also joined the “Put on your trainers and beat the disease” campaign in the form of our own “Step up for ELA” campaign. This initiative takes place every year in companies and schools, to raise awareness of these diseases.

Nu Skin is also committed to the environment.

Yes, reducing our impact on the environment is one of our pillars. Our objective in 2023 is therefore to assess, rate and improve the environmental impact score of all our products. At Nu Skin, we are very attentive to the provenance of the products used. By 2030, we want our product packaging to be recycled, recyclable, reusable, reduced or renewable. Our Epoch range already uses Eco-Pac tubes, eco-designed packaging using a resin made from responsibly sourced sugar cane, which limits our use of plastic and our carbon emissions.

Our wish now is to extend this type of initiative to a majority of our products. We have also joined the Eco Beauty Score consortium based in Paris, which brings together major companies in the cosmetics industry to measure the environmental impact of beauty products. The aim is to establish an environmental database on cosmetics and rate the products according to an Ecoscore common to the entire sector, which will allow customers to see more clearly in their choices with regard to their ecological impact. This again reflects the innovative nature of Nu Skin!

*Source Euromonitor International Limited; retail price conditions (Retail Value RSP); all channels; 2017 to 2021. Beauty systems are home skin care beauty devices that are exclusively paired or recommended for use with a topical consumable of the same brand. Verification of claims based on Euromonitor’s custom research and methodology conducted from January to March 2021. Sales of home skin care beauty devices include sales of electric facial cleansers as defined in the Passport database. This category does not include grooming/hair removal devices, body shavers and oral hygiene devices.

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