A practical guide to choosing the right men’s t-shirt

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The men’s t-shirt is one of the main pieces of a men’s wardrobe. Comfortable and easy to wear, it is the garment for all situations. It is part of our outfit 5 days a week and is in direct contact with the skin.

But even if you don’t think about it often, it is important to take care in your choice, because a poor quality t-shirt can harm your style and create significant discomfort. Here is a mini buying guide for this timeless basic.

What material for your men’s t-shirt?

Synthetic is a material to avoid for a men’s t-shirt. It has a shiny appearance and a shiny finish that doesn’t go well with clothing made of natural materials.

In addition, synthetic clothes do not breathe properly. They age badly and become bland after a few washes.

Opt for cotton instead.. It is a natural and breathable material that absorbs moisture very well and is easy to maintain. It is soft to the touch and comfortable.

There are different types of cotton on the market, but we recommend that you choose a men’s t-shirt with the mention “organic cotton”. It is a cotton of better quality, grown without chemical agents and which has not been genetically modified.

It is better for your skin, for the health of the farmers and especially for the planet, because it undergoes few chemical processes until the production of the garment.

How to choose the right quality of t-shirt?

Above all, keep in mind that a top brand t-shirt is not necessarily a good quality t-shirt. Certainly, it is reassuring to opt for a recognized brand, but still check the following points to check the quality of a t-shirt:

The weight of the men’s t-shirt

T-shirts with a weight between 120 and 140 grams are the thinnest. They are practical in the hot season, but are not very durable.

Those with a weight between 145 and 155 grams are those that can be described as standards. They have a classic thickness and are suitable for all seasons.

Over 160 gramsyou have top quality tee shirts that will come in handy for the winter.


Overcasting is the seam that prevents the edges where the fabric has been cut from fraying. He must be straight, neat and neat.

The cleanliness tape

The neck tape is a piece of fabric sewn to the neckline at the back and which reinforces the seams of this area, which are generally subject to tension and friction. Look carefully at the junction between the tape and the seams. If it’s clean and neat, that’s a good sign.. Otherwise, beware.

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The cut of the men’s t-shirt

Unless it is very large or very tight, a poorly cut t-shirt where the material gapes at certain levels indicates a lack of precision in the pattern. Therefore, it is a poor quality garment.

The neck

A quality t-shirt must have a thick collar that does not fall. On the other hand, if the collar is too thin or is already deformed, do not take it, because it will be completely deformed after a few washes.

The place of manufacture

Especially for online purchases, pay special attention to the places of manufacture.

Usually, the t-shirts made in Europe, the United States and Japan are of good quality. You can zoom in on the images to observe the various details mentioned above.

What style of t-shirt to choose?

Like most clothing, t-shirts come in many styles. Here are the most common on the market:

The classic men’s T-shirt, close to the body

Classic T-shirts naturally follow the curves of the body. They are slightly tightened at the level of the biceps and at the level of the chest.

This is a great choice for those looking for a tee to wear under a jacket or sweater. However, it is not recommended for very hot weather.

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The oversized t-shirt

Preferred by streetwear enthusiasts, the oversized tee has a looser, more comfortable fit. Generally made of cotton, it has long, puffy sleeves.

The V-neck T-shirt

A classic in men’s wardrobes, the V-neck T-shirt is suitable for all styles and all times of the year. But the choice must be made carefully.

Avoid models with an overly accentuated collar and which descend below the clavicles. It is also not recommended to choose a cut that is too close to the body.

Personalized T-shirts with original patterns

If you wish to have a unique t-shirt that will allow you to distinguish yourself, opt for a personalized t-shirt. The operation is very simple. You choose a classic t-shirt, you create your design or your message and an expert will take care of the personalization.

A personalized t-shirt is a original gift idea to offer on the occasion of a birthday, Father’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and many others. It is also a great communication support for companies, NGOs, associations or political parties.

Four personalization techniques can be used:

  • The embroidery : it consists of sewing with thread, by hand or machine, the chosen pattern on the fabric. The result is strong and durable;
  • the flocking : it is a process which consists in printing an image, a logo or a message on the T-shirt. The end result looks like felt, but is durable and resists washing;
  • The screen printing : it is the oldest form of printing in the world and is still used today. It consists of penetrating a resistant ink directly into the fabric of the T-shirt;
  • the transfer : it consists of printing a pattern, text or image on a sheet and placing it on the T-shirt. It is the most economical process.

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